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D is the fourth letter of the Latin alphabet.

D or d may also refer to:


Bands and musicians[edit]

  • D (band), a Japanese rock/metal band
  • "The D", one of the names of comedy rock band Tenacious D
  • "d:" or "d:?", often used to refer to the Christian rock band Delirious?
  • "D!" or "Dee!", names of Detlef Soost, a German dancer and choreographer
  • D, the bass player for Australian band Testeagles


Entertainment and film[edit]

  • D (film), a 2005 Bollywood film
  • D Magazine, a magazine for the city of Dallas, Texas, US
  • D, a weekly supplement to the Italian newspaper la Repubblica
  • D (series), a video game series
    • D (video game), a game released in 1995 for the PC, 3DO, PlayStation and Sega Saturn
  • Count D, a character in the anime/manga series Pet Shop of Horrors
  • D is the character in a series of novels titled Vampire Hunter D by Hideyuki Kikuchi
  • D is a nickname given to Count Dracula in the novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker
  • D, one of the characters in Another Code: Two Memories (Trace Memory)
  • Initial D, a 1995 Japanese manga and anime about mountain drifting that has spawned several arcade and console games
  • Substance D, a fictional recreational drug in the novel and film A Scanner Darkly


  • D region, part of the ionosphere in earth science
  • Deci- (d), the SI prefix meaning one tenth
  • Day (d), in metrology


Chemistry, biology and medicine[edit]


Solid state physics[edit]


Technology and engineering[edit]


  • D - Minimal Protection, a security division in the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
  • -d, a suffix of a daemon, a computer program that runs as a background process
  • .d, a pathname component suffix for a directory; for example with the init program
  • .d, a file format used for Agilent MassHunter mass spectrometry software

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