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Zyle Daewoo Motor Sales (Korean자일대우자동차판매) is an auto sales company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It was established in 1991. Daewoo Motor Sales operates dealerships in South Korea which sell vehicles from Daewoo Bus, it is the largest motor sales company in Korea.

Daewoo Motor Sales was a partner in MMSK Corporation, a joint venture involved in the import and distribution of vehicles from Mitsubishi Motors. 85% of the venture was owned by Daewoo Motor Sales, with the remaining 15% owned by Mitsubishi Corp and Mitsubishi Corp (Korea) Ltd. Retail sales in South Korea of Mitsubishi cars imported from Japan and the U.S. commenced in the second half of 2008. MMSK Corporation stopped importing U.S.-sourced Eclipse coupes a few years later.

Daewoo Motor Sales also operates Seoul Auto Auction, South Korea's largest auto auction, it also operates a network of pre-owned car dealerships.

In 1996, Daewoo Development established the brand name Iaan. The actress Kim Hee-sun is featured in Korean Iaan commercials.

In 2008, Daewoo Motor Sales was chosen to fund the joint venture company for Paramount Movie Park Korea which was scheduled to open in 2011, while Paramount will act as its licensor and manage creative development.

In 2010, Daewoo Motor Sales was dropped by General Motors; the long-time dealership partner then signed a deal with the SsangYong Motor Company to supply new vehicles to sell (specifically the Rodius, Chairman W and Chairman H), in return for the injection of 20 billion won ($17.6 million) into the car maker still recovering from bankruptcy. The deal is non-exclusive, meaning SsangYong will also sell vehicles through private dealers.[1]


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