Dagestan Oblast

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Dagestan Oblast (in English)
  • Дагестанская область (Modern Russian)
Gubernias del Caucaso - Oblast de Dagestan - Imperio Ruso.png
Coat of Arms of Dagestan oblast (Russian empire).png
Coat of Arms
Established 1860
Abolished 1917
Political status Oblast
Region Caucasus
Area 26,132.4 verst²
Population (1897 census)
 • Total 571154
 • Density 21.9 inhab. / verst²

The Dagestan Oblast (Russian: Дагестанская область) was an oblast (province) of the Caucasus Viceroyalty of the Russian Empire. It roughly corresponded to most of present-day southeastern Dagestan. It was created in 1860 out of the territories of the former Caucasian Imamate.


As of 1897, 571,154 people populated the oblast. Caucasian Avars constituted the largest minority of the population at 27.8% (see chart below). Significant minorities consisted of Dargins and Lezgians.

Ethnic groups in 1897[1][edit]

TOTAL 571,154 100%
Caucasian Avars 158,550 27,8%
Dargins 121,375 21,2%
Laks 76,381 13,4%


Coordinates: 42°49′00″N 47°07′00″E / 42.8167°N 47.1167°E / 42.8167; 47.1167