Dakoda Motor Co.

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Dakoda Motor Co.
Origin La Jolla, California
Genres Surf rock, Alternative rock[1]
Years active 1991–1997, 2006–present
Labels Myrrh, Atlantic
  • Davia Vallesillo
  • Peter King
  • Elliott Chenault
  • Derik Toy
  • Chuck Cummings
Past members
  • Melissa Brewer

Dakoda Motor Co. (also Dakoda Motor Company) is an American Christian rock band.


Dakoda Motor Co. formed in the early 1990s; among its members was Peter King, a professional surfboarder and host of the MTV show Sandblast.[2] They signed with Myrrh Records in 1993 and released two albums before moving to Atlantic Records in 1996.


  • Davia Vallesillo - vocals
  • Peter King - vocals, guitar
  • Elliot Chenault - guitar
  • Derik Toy - bass
  • Chuck Cummings - drums
  • Melissa Brewer - vocals (after Vallesillo left)



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