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A large variety of dance companies exist in Canada.

Native Canadian dancing takes place at pow wows.

Ballet companies and dance groups[edit]

Some Ballet companies include the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the National Ballet of Canada (which is based in Toronto), Ballet Jörgen Canada (also based in Toronto), Les Grands Ballets Canadiens (based in Montreal), the Alberta Ballet (based in Calgary), Ballet BC (based in Vancouver), Ballet Kelowna, Ballet du Printemps (also based in Vancouver), Ballet Victoria, Canadian Pacific Ballet (based in Victoria), and the Goh Ballet in Vancouver. There are also many modern dance companies including Toronto Dance Theatre, O Vertigo in Montreal, Compagnie Marie Chouinard in Montreal, Par B.l.eux founded by Benoît Lachambre in Montreal, Danny Grossman Dance Company in Toronto, The Chimera Project in Toronto, Mocean Dance in Halifax and Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers.

The largest company in the country is The National Ballet of Canada; the Royal Winnipeg is the second oldest and longest continuously running ballet company in North America. It was the first ballet company in the Common Wealth to receive the Royal charter. Canada is home to hundreds of amateur Ukrainian dance groups as well as professional and semi-professional companies such as the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company in Edmonton.

Ballroom dance in Canada[edit]

Canada is an active member of two largest ballroom dance associations, WDSF (national branch called Canada DanceSport) and WDC, it hosts such noticeable annual dance competitions as Snowball Classic and La Classique du Quebec.

Canadian dancers made prominent world level results.

  • Alain Doucet and Anik Jolicoeur-Doucet were four time professional ten dance world champions.[1]
  • Maurizio Vescovo and Andra Vaidilaite were professional Latin World Cup champions 2013 in Moscow.[2]
  • Anton Belyaev and Antoaneta Popova won third place in World Ten Dance Championship 2013 in Vienna.[3]
  • Vadim Garbuzov was Canadian youth Standard champion 2004[4] and Canadian youth Latin champion 2003[5] with Nadiya Dyatlova. Then with Kathrin Menzinger he became 2015 world champion in Latin show[6] and world champion in standard show.[7]
  • Richard Lifshitz and Greta Korju: World Champions 2013 U-19 and U-21 WDC AL Youth Latin (Paris, France), Canadian Champions 2013 U-21 and Youth Latin, North American Champions 2013 16+ and Youth Latin.[8]