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Male members

The Dangol or Dongol (Nepal Bhasa: डंगोल) clan are ethnic Newa people from Kathmandu Valley, predominantly found in Kathmandu, Nepal. They belong to the Jyapu (Nepal Bhasa: ज्यापू:) subcaste within the Newar family and are highly urbanized. In the olden times, they were farmers known for the knowledge on measurement of land and calculation. Also, they have some distinct culture and customs a bit different from other Jyapus.

Female members

Male members of Dangol undergo Keta-puja ceremony (also known as Bratabandha) and female Dangols marry the sun and the fruit 'Bel' when they are young. This is done in order to protect the girl from being a widow, who are looked down upon by the rest of Nepal. If the woman's husband dies, she is still technically married to the sun and can hence not be called a widow.

Male members perform keta puja
Female members perform Bell bibaha

Some Famous figures[edit]

Jyapu people

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