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Police Museum
Danish Police Museum.JPG
The building on Fælledvej
Established 1993
Location Nørrebro
Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinates 55°41′24″N 12°33′39″E / 55.6901°N 12.5608°E / 55.6901; 12.5608Coordinates: 55°41′24″N 12°33′39″E / 55.6901°N 12.5608°E / 55.6901; 12.5608
Director Frederik Strand
Website politimuseum.dk

The Danish Police Museum is dedicated to the history of law enforcement in Denmark. It is based in a former police station on Fælledvej, off Sankt Hans Torv, in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, Denmark.


The museum traces its history back to 1904 when a collection of artefacts was founded in the cellar under Copenhagen Court House. The current museum was inaugurated in 1993. It underwent a thorough refurbishment in 2004.


Fælledvej Police Station, or Station 6, opened on 21 October 1884. It maintained a staff of 64 policemen: One chief police officer, four superior police officers, 11 inspectors and 46 ordinary policemen. The top floor contained a residence for the head of the police station. First floor contained accommodation for 16 unmarried policemen. The police station closed on 25 May 1977.[1]


The ground floor contains an exhibition about the history of the Danish Police Corps from its foundation in 1682 until the present day. First floor contains an exhibition about a criminological exhibition, featuring different forms of crimes as well as police investigation. The museum also hosts a special exhibitions. [2]

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