Dany Toussaint

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Dany Toussaint was a candidate in the February 2006 presidential election in Haiti. Toussaint is a former Haitian Army major, police chief and bodyguard of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, he is a former Senator and leader of the Haitian Democratic and Reformist Movement Party.


In 2003, Judge Claudy Gassant requested that Toussaint's immunity from prosecution be lifted in regards to the assassination of Haitian journalist Jean Dominique who had accused Toussaint of having his rival for the position of Secretary of State for Public Security, Jean Lamy, assassinated; the request of Judge Gassant was rejected by the senate.[1]


On January 2, 2006, MINUSTAH troops arrested Toussaint for possession of illegal weapons,[2] he was handed over to the Haitian National Police, who released him hours later.[3]