Data circuit-terminating equipment

A data circuit-terminating equipment is a device that sits between the data terminal equipment and a data transmission circuit. It is called data communication equipment and data carrier equipment; the DTE device is the terminal, the DCE is a modem. In a data station, the DCE performs functions such as signal conversion and line clocking and may be a part of the DTE or intermediate equipment. Interfacing equipment may be required to couple the data terminal equipment into a transmission circuit or channel and from a transmission circuit or channel into the DTE. Although the terms are most used with RS-232, several data communication standards define different types of interfaces between a DCE and a DTE; the DCE is a device. Standards that use this nomenclature include: Federal Standard 1037C, MIL-STD-188 RS-232 Certain ITU-T standards in the V series Certain ITU-T standards in the X series A general rule is that DCE devices provide the clock signal and the DTE device synchronizes on the provided clock.

D-sub connectors follow another rule for pin assignment. DTE devices transmit on pin connector number 2 and receive on pin connector number 3. DCE devices are just the opposite: pin connector number 2 receives and pin connector number 3 transmits the signals; when two devices, that are both DTE or both DCE, must be connected together without a modem or a similar media translator between them, a crossover cable must be used, e.g. a null modem for RS-232 or an Ethernet crossover cable. Networking hardware Data Terminating Equipment or Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment speeds, IBM

Leonardo Henriques Coelho

Leonardo Henriques Coelho, known as Léo Coelho, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Uruguayan club Centro Atlético Fénix as a central defender. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Léo Coelho was a Nacional-SP youth graduate, he made his senior debut for the club on 30 April 2011 by starting in a 1–3 home loss against Jabaquara for the Campeonato Paulista Segunda Divisão championship. Léo Coelho was subsequently loaned to Grêmio Barueri and Paraná, appearing with the latter in Série B. In January 2016 he moved to Rio Claro permanently. On 18 May 2016 Léo Coelho was loaned to Santos, being assigned to the B-team. After being an undisputed starter during the year's Copa Paulista, he returned to Penapolense on 6 February 2017 in a temporary deal; as of 23 April 2017 Léo Coelho at Soccerway

Dhahran School

The Dhahran School is an international school owned and operated by the Saudi Aramco Schools district. It is part of the Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools District. Dhahran School is used by children of Saudi Aramco employees and serves children from kindergarten through grade nine. Dhahran School is free of charge for all children of Saudi Aramco employees; the Dhahran School is located inside the Saudi Aramco Residential Camp in Dhahran, operated by Saudi Aramco, within the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The school is divided into the Dhahran Hills School and the Dhahran Middle School, where the Dhahran Hills School serves children from kindergarten through grade four and the Dhahran Middle School teaches students between the grades five and nine; the mascot of the Dhahran Hills School is the Arabian Horse, while the mascot of the Dhahran Middle School is the Wildcat. There is a Dhahran High School, in Saudi Arabia, but it is not in the school district; the school was first opened in 1940 to cater the education needs of children whose parents were working for ARAMCO.

History is being made in Dhahran School. The Dhahran Hills School and the Dhahran Middle School are located on separate campuses, both within the Saudi Aramco Residential Camp in Dhahran; the Dhahran Hills School campus has 3 buildings and hosts Grade Kindergarden-4. The first building has all 3rd grade classes; the second building is the main building and has all Kindergarden and Grades 1, 2 and 4. The main building has the school offices, teachers lounge and counselors. There is a gymnasium used for Physical Education, attached to the main building, this gym is known as the'Old Gym'; the third and newest building is a stand-alone gymnasium, known as the'New Gym', this gym is used for Physical Education. Both gymnasiums are used after school hours by the community for activities such as basketball and Taekwondo; the Dhahran Middle School campus has 6 buildings. The first building is the main building, it has a mix of Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8 classes, there is one Grade 9 class. This building has the school front office, tech office and counselors.

There is a gym attached to this building, called the 3rd Street Gym. Th second building has Grade 7 classes on the first floor; this building has the Band and Choir rooms. The third building is split into two parts, one part has the Central Office for the whole SAES District which has 6 schools; the second part of this building holds Grade 6 classrooms. The 4th building is Ibis Gym, Ibis Gym is a stand alone gymnasium, used for Physical Education and for the needs of the community; this gym has a Top Rope certified rock climbing wall, this rock climbing wall is affectionately known as'Mount Ibis'. The school follows an American-style curriculum, certified by multiple US based organizations, but works to meet the needs of non-American students. Starting from the 2010 to 2011 school year, the school has started a house program like that of a Greek college; the program divides the school into four'houses', each including at least two homeroom classes from each grade. All faculty members are assigned to a specific house as well.

Each house has a different mascot. The names of the houses are: Indomitus, Torva and Ferox; the schools have a combined total of more than 20 computer labs. All labs are equipped with state of the art, Windows 10 powered, Lenovo desktops; the school is fully equipped with 3D printers and laser cutters. The school has a personal laptop pragram starting in Grade 6. All students in Grade 6 and above are expected to bring personal laptops; these laptops are used in a productive manner to enrich the school's learning environment and enable students to extend their learning using digital platforms. Platforms used by the school include Geometer's Sketchpad, PowerSchool Learning, Khan Academy and SmartMusic; the school has a private Gmail domain, titled, every student and member of school staff is provided with an adress on this domain. All use of technology is monitored and supported by the school's tech office which has 6 staff working with the school's tech on a daily basis