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Datacasting is the broadcasting of data over a wide area via radio waves. It most refers to supplemental information sent by television stations along with digital terrestrial television, but may be applied to digital signals on analog TV or radio, it does not apply to data, inherent to the medium, such as PSIP data which defines virtual channels for DTT or direct broadcast satellite systems. Datacasting provides news, traffic, stock market, other information which may or may not relate to the programs it is carried with, it may be interactive, such as gaming, shopping, or education. An electronic program guide is included, although this stretches the definition somewhat, as this is considered inherent to the digital broadcast standard; the ATSC, DVB and ISDB standards allow for broadband datacasting via DTT, though they do not define how. The overscan and VBI are used for moderate and low bandwidths respectively. DirectBand and RDS/RBDS are medium and narrow subcarriers used for analog FM radio.

The EUREKA 147 and HD Radio standards both allow for datacasting on digital radio, defining a few basics but allowing for expansion. The term IP Datacasting is used in DVB-H for the technical elements required to send IP packets over DVB-H broadband downstream channel combined with a return channel over a mobile communications network such as GPRS or UMTS; the set of specifications for IP Datacast was approved by the DVB project in October 2005. Ambient Information Network, a datacasting network owned by Ambient Devices presently hosted by U. S. A. Mobility, a U. S. paging service and focuses on information of interest to the local area, such as weather and stock indices, with a paid subscription Ambient will provide a particular device with more personalized information. A slight variation of the European Radio Data System, RBDS is carried on a 57kHz subcarrier on FM radio stations. While intended for program-associated data, it can be used for datacasting purposes including paging and dGPS. DirectBand, owned by Microsoft, uses the 67.65 kHz subcarrier leased from FM radio stations.

This subcarrier delivers about 12 kbit/s of data per station, for over 100 MB per day per city. Data includes traffic, weather, news, movie times, calendar appointments, local time; the now-defunct MovieBeam service used dNTSC technology by Dotcast to transmit 720p HDTV movies in the lower vestigial sideband of NTSC analog TV. The set-top box stored the movies to be viewed on demand for a fee; this was distributed through PBS's National Datacast. TV Guide On Screen is an advertising-supported datacast sent by one local station in each media market, it supplements or replaces the limited electronic program guide sent by each TV station, mandated by the U. S. Federal Communications Commission. ATSC-M/H is yet another mobile TV standard, although it is transmitted and controlled by the broadcasters instead of a third party, is therefore free-to-air. From a technical standpoint, it is an IP-encapsulated datacast of MPEG-4 streaming video, alongside the ATSC MPEG transport stream used for terrestrial television broadcasting.

Heavy error correction, separate from that native to ATSC, compensates for ATSC's poor mobile reception. UpdateTV is a service used by some brands of TV sets and other ATSC tuners to update their firmware via over-the-air programming; this is transmitted on PBS stations via National Datacast. Australian broadcast infrastructure company Broadcast Australia undertook a three-year trial in Sydney of a datacasting service using the DVB-T system for use in Australia; the trial consisted of a number of services on one standard 7MHz multiplex, collectively known as Digital Forty Four. The collection included: A combined program guide for the free-to-air broadcasters ABC news and weather items Channel NSW Government and Public Information, including real time traffic information and life surf webcam images Australian Christian Channel Expo Home Shopping and Federal parliamentary audio broadcasts. More a near-Australia wide broadcast of a datacasting channel called MyTalk commenced on April 13, 2007.

Broadcasting as part of the multiplex on Southern Cross and Southern Cross Ten stations, it provided news and other information, available free to anyone able to tune in. The stream consisted of text applicable to the viewer's location and a 4:3 video window of terrestrial TV from the relevant Southern Cross/Southern Cross Ten station. On February 25, 2008, MyTalk ceased broadcasting. Digital Forty Four was shut down at midnight on the night of April 30, 2010. Malaysian multi-channel pay-TV operator, MiTV Corporation Sdn Bhd has launched its IP-over-UHF service in September 2005; the full digital broadcast capacity is being used to deliver IP services which such as multicast streaming and datacasting. Mindset Network has developed an IP satellite datacast platform for the distribution of educational and health content to sites around South Africa and throughout the rest of Africa as well, he model is a forward and store model allowing users of the platform to view content in an on-demand fashion.

Content distributed in this way includes video content, print-based content, as well as interactive computer-based multimedia content. The model includes access to a GPRS network that allows the

Upland Unified School District

Upland Unified School District is a school district located in San Bernardino County, California that serves the community of Upland, California. It has a total population of 63,800 and covers a total area of 24 square miles. Just prior to the City of Upland's growth spurt in the 1960s, Upland High School was established in 1955. By the 1980s this population growth had the side-effect of overcrowding, which in turn caused students to transfer to other high schools in the Chaffey Joint Union High School District; the affected families began a movement towards unifying the existing elementary and middle schools into a separate district. Superintendent George Renworth promoted this movement and the Upland Unified School District was established in 1986. Upland High School has been a part of the district since it left the Chaffey Joint Union High School District in 1991; the Upland Unified School District is a K-12 district. It has ten elementary schools, two junior high schools, two high schools.

One of the high schools is a continuation school. The district enrolled 11,200 students in the 2007-2008 school year. All of the schools are located in California. Baldy View Elementary School Cabrillo Elementary School Citrus Elementary School Foothill Knolls Stem Academy of Innovation Magnolia Elementary School Pepper Tree Elementary School Sierra Vista Elementary School Sycamore Elementary School Upland Elementary School Valencia Elementary School Pioneer Junior High School Upland Junior High School Foothill Knolls Stem Academy of Innovation Upland High School Hillside High School Upland Unified School District

Thiru Ranga

Thiru Ranga is a 2007 Indian masala film directed by Ravi Bhargavan. The film was produced by A. Selvi and Ch. Sathyanarayana in Tamil and in Telugu, the latter as Julayi; the film features Santhosh and Ankitha in lead roles, with Tejashree, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Cochin Haneefa and Manivannan playing supporting roles. The film had musical score by Srikanth Deva, the Tamil version was released on 11 May 2007 while the Telugu version was released on 31 August 2007. Ranga lives in the city with his housemates: Beeda and Sundaram who believes he is a software engineer. Manga is in love with Ranga. Ranga is a rowdy who works for Rayappan, a local bigwig who conducts his activity under the guise of being a cinema financier; when his friends realise that he is a rowdy, Ranga tells them his past. In the past, Ranga was a young graduate, looking for a job, he lived with his parents and his two sisters Deepa and Lakshmi. They were preparing for Lakshmi's wedding but a lack of money shook up the family and the groom's family was about to stop the marriage.

To save Lakshmi's marriage, Deepa took the extreme step of becoming a surrogate mother for money and settled the groom's family. But when their parents knew about this, the marriage was cancelled; the parents prepared a meal. They all ate it except Ranga and they died. Since that day, Ranga has sworn to make enough money to help the poor families who are in need of money. In the city, he decided to work as a rowdy; the local bigwig Rayappan and the politician Reddy have their eyes on Sree, a leading actress and a philanthropist. Sree indirectly humiliated them in a public function. So they plan to kidnap her for sexually abusing her. Santosh kidnaps her. Thereafter, Ranga decides to save Sree for a good heart. Sree has a bitter past, she was an orphan, forced by her adopted parents to become an actress. She emancipated from her parents and left their home. Ranga gets married to Sree; the film ends with Ranga romancing on screens with Sree. Santhosh, who had acted in Ravi Bhargavan previous two films, signed to play the hero while Ankitha has been roped in to play a role which has glamour and serious performance involved.

The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Soundaryan. The soundtrack, released in 2007, features 6 tracks with lyrics written by P. Na. Muthukumar; the audio of Julayi was launched at Prasad Recording Theatre in Hyderabad on 1 April 2007. Tamil VersionTelugu Version A reviewer from said that some scenes reminds one of old films and added that the pace of the first was slow. Another critic gave the film a negative review, said, "With a plot that stretches the limits of credulity and an uncharismatic cast, it doesn't earn the respect that its name indicates"

Solomon Hicks

"King" Solomon Hicks is an American guitarist, jazz singer, composer. His style of music ranges from jazz, classical, gospel, R&B, Afro-Cuban, classic rock. Hicks has been a blues guitarist since he was 13, he plays a Benedetto GA35 guitar. Benedetto jazz guitars are hand crafted by Robert Benedetto an American luthier of archtop jazz guitars, he advanced guitar along with music theory. His first recording was; the CD is called Embryonic. He has toured in Spain, Germany, Japan, Bermuda and the United States. Hicks received his first guitar lessons at the age six, his mother Holly Hicks was his first tutor. She taught him the history of African-American music, he started learning soul music and Jimi Hendrix. He was playing music, he attended the Harlem School of the Jazzmobile training program. His parents took him to jam sessions where he got to sit in and to clubs in Harlem such as the Lenox Lounge and St. Nick's Pub. At an early age Hicks sat in on jam sessions with Charles Earland, Jimmy McGriff. At the age of 13 he starting playing with the Cotton Club in New York City's 17-piece band as a lead guitarist.

At Harlem's School of the Arts and at Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts he studied jazz and Afro-Cuban guitar. He attended Jazzmobile] workshops where he studied bebop with Barry Harris. Hicks says. At an early age he started performing at the New Amsterdam Musical Association in Harlem and at Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater, he graduated from Talent Unlimited High School as a music major in 2012. In 2010 Hicks performed during the New York Knicks game, he has performed at the United Nations in New York City. He has performed for former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, as well as performing for former Governor of New York David Paterson and former Congressman Charlie Rangel. Hicks has performed at the KISS Kruise V, the Joe Bonamassa Blues Cruise in 2017, the Festival De Blues De Bejar-Blues Cazorla-San Javier in Spain, in France at the Jazz Marciac, the Cotton Club in Tokyo, he has performed at music festivals in Spain, France, Denmark, the Bahamas, Bermuda and United States.

He has performed with Tony Bennett, Jon Hendricks, Antoinette Montague, Jay Hoggard, Alvester Garnett, Mike Stern, Lee Ritenour, Bruce Springsteen, Neal Evans Soulive, George Thorogood, The Marcus King Band, Jimmy Vivino, Danny Mixon, Sam Moore, William Bell, Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton, John Németh, Roger Earl, Ne-Yo, Davy Knowles, Kim Simmonds, Savoy Brown, Gregg Allman, Eric Gales, Russell Malone, B. B. King, Kermit Ruffins, Lonnie Youngblood, Southside Johnny, Elvin Bishop, Belden Bullock, T. K. Blue, Danny Mixon, Winard Harper. Hicks has taught music at the Children's Aid Society in New York City. Hicks is a member of the Harlem Arts Alliance, he is a member of the Blues Foundation in Memphis, Tennessee. Hicks opened for Ringo Starr and Jeff Beck at the Holland International Blues Festival in June 2018 in Blues Village Grolloo, the Netherlands. In 2018 he toured with Beth Hart, performing in New Orleans. 2008 – Jazz Excellence Award and scholarship, Friendly 50 Club organization 2009–2010 – AUDELCO Rising Star honoree 2012 – Named one of the Innovators of Change by J. Walter Thompson's Differenter Committee.

He was one of the subjects for the film documentary about New York's accomplished and creative African-American citizens. 2017 – Hot House magazine award for Rising Star Embryonic Harlem


Ovruch is a city in the Zhytomyr Oblast of northern Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Ovruch Raion, it has a population of 16,110 and is home to the Ovruch air base. Ovruch originated as an important town of Kievan Rus, first mentioned as Vruchiy in 977. After the sack of Iskorosten it became the capital city of Drevlian. In the 14th century it became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1483, Crimean Tatars destroyed the settlement. According to the Treaty of Lublin, Volhynia with Owrucz formed a province of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In 1641, Polish King Władysław IV Vasa granted Owrucz city rights, it was a royal city of Poland. After the Second Partition of Poland in 1793 it was annexed by the Russian Empire; the only mark of the town's antiquity is St. Basil's Church, commissioned by Rurik II of Kiev from his court architect Pyotr Miloneg in the late 1190s; the church was dedicated to his patron saint. Located in northwestern Ukraine, 50 km south of the Belarusian border, Ovruch is part of the geographical region of Polesia.

It's located 48 km from Korosten, 133km from Zhytomyr, 92km from Mazyr, in Belarus. St. Basil's Church has three apses and one dome; the western facade is flanked by two round towers in imitation of the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. The building is distinguished by elaborate brick facades, interlaced with bands of polished colored stone; the complicated design of pilasters points to a complex system of roofing and to a high dome. The dome and vaults collapsed during the siege of Ovruch by Gediminas in 1321; the ruins of the church survived until 1842, when they crumbled, with the exception of three apses and a portion of the northern wall with an arch. In 1907 Aleksey Shchusev was commissioned to restore the church to its presumed original form, incorporating the remains of Rurik's church into its edifice. Restoration work lasted for two years, it won Schusev the prestigious title of the Academician of Architecture. More the accuracy of his restoration has been questioned, as it didn't take into account the complicated system of vaulting and the considerable height of the drum.

As a consequence of this oversight, the drum was restored according to a model typical of more archaic churches, rather than for the turn of the 13-th century. Adjacent buildings of St. Basil's Convent were built on the model of medieval architecture of Pskov with the restoration of the main church. Vladimir Bogoraz, revolutionary and anthropologist Stefano Ittar, Polish-Italian architect Oleksandr Lavrynovych, physicist and politician Yuri Nemyrych, politician of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Chernihiv–Ovruch railway Памятники градостроительства и архитектуры Украинской ССР. Kiev, 1983-86. Vol. 2, page 153 Ovruch official website Photos of Ovruch Ovruch @ Ukrainian. Travel

Taro Daniel

Taro Daniel is an American-born Japanese professional tennis player who has won five ATP Challenger Tour singles titles and achieved a career-high singles ranking of world No. 64 on 27 August 2018, in part due to winning his first title at the 2018 Istanbul Open on 6 May 2018 as well as strong results throughout the back end of the season. His mother, Yasue, is Japanese and his father, Paul Daniel, is an American, he grew up in various places in the world. He spent most of his elementary school days in Japan, he went to Nagoya International School. He and his family moved to Spain when he was 14, he speaks English and Japanese. He has Kana. Taro started playing tennis, he practiced at the Shinrin Longwood Tennis Club in Nagoya City during his years in Japan. He got third place for under 12 in the All Japan Junior Tennis Tournament. Daniel had won a couple of ITF Futures events in Portugal. On the ATP Challenger Tour, he made the semifinals at the Yokohama in November 2012, reached his first Challenger final at the Yeongwol in November 2013, where he lost to fourth seed Bradley Klahn in the final.

In 2011-2013, Daniel had raised his ATP ranking from world no. 978 to 241. Daniel reached the third qualifying round of the 2014 Australian Open. Qualifying for his first ATP tournament, he made the quarterfinals of the Chile Open, after gaining revenge over Bellucci and defeating eighth seed Federico Delbonis, his run was ended by third seed Nicolas Almagro. At the 2014 Davis Cup World Group quarterfinal against the Czech Republic, Daniel was nominated for the first time for the Japan Davis Cup team, he played the singles rubber, but lost to Lukáš Rosol in a five-setter and Jiří Veselý. Daniel qualified for the 2014 US Open to make his Grand Slam main-draw debut, losing to fifth seed Milos Raonic in the first round; the next week, he reached the final at the Seville Challenger, where he was defeated by top seed Pablo Carreño. After competing in the ATP events of Montpellier and Casablanca, Daniel defeated Filippo Volandri to claim his first ATP Challenger Tour title in Vercelli, he qualified for the 2015 French Open.

In July, Daniel won the Fürth Challenger, defeating top seeds Albert Montañés. At 2015 Davis Cup World Group Play-offs against Colombia, Daniel won the first Davis Cup match of his career, beating Alejandro Falla in the last tie, his victory completed a come-from-behind victory against Colombia to remain in the World Group for 2016. In October, he qualified for the Valencia Open, reached the second round, before losing to sixth seed Guillermo García-López, he completed the 2015 season with his third Challenger title in Yokohama, winning over his countryman Go Soeda in the final. He entered the top 100 in the ATP rankings for the first time at world no. 93. Daniel received direct entry to the main draw of the 2016 Australian Open, losing in the first round to Lukáš Rosol in five sets. In February, he reached the second round of the Open Sud de France before losing to eighth seed Marcos Baghdatis in straight sets. At 2016 Davis Cup World Group first round in Birmingham, Japan faced defending champion Great Britain.

He was defeated by world No. 2 Andy Murray in straight sets, Japan lost 1–3. Daniel qualified for the Monte-Carlo Masters to make his ATP World Tour Masters 1000 main-draw debut, he beat Adrian Mannarino in straight sets to reach the second round, where he lost to 12th seed Dominic Thiem in three sets. He competed at Bucharest and Estoril, reaching the second rounds in both tournaments. In the 2016 French Open, he advanced to the second round of Major tournaments for the first time in his career when his opponent Martin Kližan had to retire from injury in the fifth set, he lost to third seed and defending champion Stan Wawrinka in straight sets despite having two set points in the first set and being up a break in the third. He next competed in the 2016 Wimbledon Championships, losing in the first round to Juan Mónaco in four sets. Daniel competed in the Olympics, where he defeated the no.14 seed Jack Sock in straight sets in the 1st Round. Daniel beat Kyle Edmund of Great Britain before losing to Juan Martín del Potro, despite having won the first set.

Daniel reached second round of the US Open. In March at the Indian Wells Masters, Daniel defeated Cameron Norrie and former world No. 1 Novak Djokovic in three sets. In May, he made his first ATP final at the 2018 Istanbul Open, where he played Tunisian Malek Jaziri in his first final. Daniel beat Jaziri 7–6 6–4 to win his first ATP Tournament. After this win Daniel climbed to his career high ranking. Current through to the 2020 US Open. Taro Daniel at the Association of Tennis Professionals Taro Daniel at the International Tennis Federation Taro Daniel at the Davis Cup