Dear Jane (band)

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Dear Jane
USCA2012 Dear Jane.JPG
Background information
Origin Hong Kong
Genres Pop-rock
Punk rock
Labels Warner Music
Members Tim Wong - Lead Vocal
Jackal Ng - Bassist
Howie Yung - Guitarist
Nice Lai - Drummer
Past members Adam Diaz - Guitarist

Dear Jane is a Hong Kong band that consists of Tim Wong - Lead Vocalist, Jackal Ng - Bassist/Supporting Vocalist, Howie Yung - Guitarist/Supporting Vocalist and Nice - Drummer.


  • The band was formed in 2003.
  • Prior to "Dear Jane", members Adam Diaz and Howie Yung were in an Indie band named "Fuse".
  • Their name "Dear Jane" refers to a Dear John letter but from the point of view of a male writing to a female. The name signifies their music highlighting the point of view of a male.
  • They were first signed by See Music Ltd. In 2008, the contract was discontinued and the band was later signed by Music Nation Ltd., the same record company as Aaron Kwok.
  • In 2011, the band moved to Warner Music.


  • Tim appears in several music videos of other Cantopop singers as well as TVB and RTHK series.
  • Howie and Adam have written songs for other Cantopop singers before Dear Jane.
  • Jackal was born in Hong Kong and went to school in Taiwan.
  • Tim was born and raised in United States. Howie and Adam were both born in Canada.
  • Their song "男兒當打交" was played on the TVs in the buses in Hong Kong.
  • Their song "初哥" features a guitar solo from Hong Kong rock legend Paul Wong (黃貫中) from Beyond.
  • Their debut album's name "100" comes from the 100 shows they played prior to releasing their album.


  • "100" (2006) - by See Music Ltd.
  • "XOXO" (2009) - by Music Nation Ltd.
  • "GAMMA" (2011)
  • "Yellow Fever!" (2012)
  • "Dear Jane (Special Edition)" (2014)
  • "Unavoidable" (2013)[1]


  1. ^ 邓紫棋与茜拉惺惺相惜李克勤闻演协闪人 新浪网-22 Feb 2014 音乐会由Dear Jane率先出场,唱出《无可避免》、《到此为止》、《不许你注定一人》等多首流行歌曲,为音乐会打响头炮。 官恩娜紧随其后,与Dear Jane一起合唱英文歌《Way Back Into Love》,气氛热络。

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