Debra Dobkin

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Debra Dobkin
BornChicago, Illinois
InstrumentsVocals, percussion instruments
Associated actsRichard Thompson, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Shawn Colvin, Don Henley, Was (not Was)

Debra Dobkin is an American vocalist, percussionist, music producer, and painter.


Early history[edit]

Music and the fine arts have always played important roles in Dobkin's life, she was selected at age 6 for children's scholarship classes by the Art Institute of Chicago, and later attended the School of Fine Art at Washington University in St. Louis.[1]

Dobkin attended music school where she studied percussion and drumming, she draws and paints while recording music and touring. Dobkin moved to Los Angeles in 1976.[2]


Dobkin has toured and recorded with Bonnie Raitt,[3][4] Jackson Browne,[5][6] Shawn Colvin,[7][8] Don Henley,[2] and Was (not Was).[9]

Along with Judith Owen, Dobkin participated in Richard Thompson's 1000 Years of Popular Music tour. A 2005 concert of this show was released on CD and DVD in 2006.[10][11]

In 2009, Dobkin also participated in Thompson's Cabaret of Souls song cycle project commissioned by the International Society of Bassists. Thompson, Owen, Danny Thompson, Harry Shearer, and Pete Zorn also participated.[12]

Dobkin has worked extensively with bassist Mark "Pocket" Goldberg, on other artists' projects and as the duo Dobkin & Goldberg[13][14] and as the MPG Trio: Dobkin, Goldberg, and Nick Kirgo (guitar, vocals).[15]









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