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Deceased (2005).jpg
Deceased (2005)
Background information
Origin Arlington, Virginia, USA
Genres Death metal
Thrash metal
Years active 1984–present
Labels PATAC Records, Thrash Corner Records, Hell's Headbangers
Members King Fowley
Les Snyder
Mike Smith
Shane Fuegal
Dave Castillo

Deceased (often stylized as Deceased...) is a extreme metal band from Virginia that have attained a cult following throughout a lengthy career. In 1990 they were the first band to sign with Relapse Records, and released four albums and a number of EPs before parting ways with the label in 2003. Their sound centers around themes of horror, with lyrics barked and sometimes narrated by vocalist and founder King Fowley.


King Fowley and guitarist Doug Souther started the band in 1984 in Arlington, VA with a goal to “out-thrash Slayer.”[1] They experimented with a number of band names, formations and styles before settling on the Deceased name and first real lineup in 1986 consisting of Fowley on drums and vocals, Mark Adams joining Souther on guitar, and bassist Rob Sterzel. Tragedy struck the group on March 3, 1988 when Sterzel and several friends, including the brother of guitarist Doug Souther, were killed in a hit-and-run accident.[2] Les Snyder became the bassist later that year. Souther quit and was replaced by Mike Smith in 1991. The lineup of King Fowley, Mike Smith, Mark Adams, and Les Snyder lasted over a decade and recorded some of the group's most celebrated works. Changes began to reshape the band in 2003, when Dave "Scarface" Castillo stepped in as drummer, enabling Fowley to be frontman and vocalist. Mark Adams left in 2007 and was replaced by Shane Fuegal. Mike Smith retired from live performances in 2006, but remains a key songwriter and studio guitarist. Les Snyder relocated to Texas in 2009 and usually performs live for shows close to home.

Since leaving Relapse, Deceased have continuously released new material, including full-length LP "As the Weird Travel On" (Thrash Corner Records) in 2005, an independent vinyl-only live album entitled "Blood Orgy in College Park - Stalking the Airwaves" in 2010, and the most recent LP "Surreal Overdose" in 2011 on their own Shrieks From the Hearse label in conjunction with PATAC Records. The November 2012 issue of Decibel contained a flexi-disc of an exclusive new track "The Luck of the Corpse".[3] A split 12" with the band Conceived By Hate, titled "The Figure of Uneasiness", was released in the fall of 2014 on El Salvador's Morbid Skull label, featuring four live-in-the-studio recordings with the current live lineup. A new album entitled "Ghostly White" is in the planning stages for release on Hell's Headbangers Records.


Current members
  • Kingsley Fowley – Vocals (1984–present), Drums (1986–2002, 2008–2012), Bass (1984–1986)
  • Mike Smith – Guitar (1990–present)
  • Shane Fuegel – Guitar (2007–present)
  • Les Snyder – Bass (1988–present)
  • Dave Castillo – Drums (2003–2008, 2012–present)
Former members
  • Mark Adams – Guitar (1984–2007)
  • Doug Souther – Guitar (1984–1990)
  • Rob Sterzel – Bass (1986–1988; died 1988)
  • Marcel DeSantos – Drums (1984–1986)




The Evil Side of Religion (1986)[edit]

  1. "After the Bloodshed" - 2:03
  2. "Eaten by Disease" - 2:02
  3. "March of the Cadavers" - 2:08
  4. "Gutwrench" - 2:53
  5. "Raw Explosives" - 3:22
  6. "Sick Thrash" - 2:29
  7. "Mentally Ill" - 4:09
  8. "The Cemetery's Full" - 4:03
  9. "Funeral of Gore" - 3:40
  • Mark Adams - guitar
  • Doug Souther - guitar
  • Rob Sterzel - bass
  • King Fowley - drums, vocals
Other credits[edit]
  • Recorded in September 1986 by Brian Anderson for $20 and a case of beer

Birth by Radiation (1988)[edit]

Birth by Radiation
Demo album by Deceased
Recorded October 20, 1988
Studio =Inner Ear Studios, Arlington, VA
Genre Death metal
Length 29:10
Producer Don Zientara
  1. "Birth by Radiation" - 4:02
  2. "Vomiting Blood" - 3:06
  3. "Virus" - 2:44
  4. "Hallucinating Mutants" - 2:27
  5. "Worship the Coffin" - 3:55
  6. "Immune to Burial" - 3:32
  7. "Decrepit Coma" - 3:42
  8. "Deformed Tomorrows" - 5:42
  • King Fowley - drums, vocals
  • Mark Adams - guitar
  • Doug Souther - guitar
  • Lesley Snyder - bass
Other credits[edit]
  • Mixed October 28, 1988 by Don Zientara

Nuclear Exorcist (1989)[edit]

Nuclear Exorcist
Demo album by Deceased
Recorded October 26–27, 1989
Studio Inner Ear Studios, Arlington, VA
Genre Death metal
Length 26:38
Producer Joey P
  1. "Nuclear Exorcist" - 4:49
  2. "Shrieks from the Hearse" - 3:35
  3. "A Trip to the Morgue" - 2:35
  4. "Below the Tombstone" - 4:04
  5. "Planet Graveyard" - 4:50
  6. "Futuristic Doom" - 3:26
  7. "Haunted Cerebellum" - 3:19
  • King Fowley - drums, vocals
  • Mark Adams - guitar
  • Doug Souther - guitar
  • Lesley Snyder - bass
Other credits[edit]
  • Mixed October 30–31, 1989
  • Engineered by Joey P
  • Artwork by Tom Harrison

One Night in the Cemetery (1989)[edit]

One Night in the Cemetery
Demo album by Deceased
Recorded May 16, 1989
Live at The Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA
Genre Death metal
  1. "Sick Thrash"
  2. "Gutwrench"
  3. "Decrepit Coma"
  4. "Birth by Radiation"
  5. "The Cemetery's Full"
  6. "Below the Tombstone"
  7. "Futuristic Doom"
  8. "After the Bloodshed"
  9. "Vomiting Blood"
  10. "Eaten by Disease"
  11. "Nuclear Exorcist"
  12. "Planet Graveyard"
  13. "Immune to Burial"
  14. "Deformed Tomorrows"
  • King Fowley - drums, vocals
  • Mark Adams - guitar
  • Doug Souther - guitar
  • Les Snyder - bass
Other credits[edit]
  • Recorded May 21, 1989 at the Electric Banana in Pittsburgh, PA

The Day of Death Live (1990)[edit]

The Day of Death Live
Demo album by Deceased
Recorded October 20, 1990
Live at The Skyroom, Buffalo, NY
Genre Death metal
  1. "Fading Survival"
  2. "Decrepit Coma"
  3. "The Cemetery's Full"
  4. "Birth by Radiation"
  5. "Psychedelic Warriors"
  6. "Futuristic Doom"
  7. "Haunted Cerebellum"
  • King Fowley - drums, vocals
  • Mark Adams - guitar
  • Doug Souther - guitar
  • Les Snyder - bass
Other credits[edit]
  • Recorded October 20, 1990 at the Skyroom in Buffalo, NY

Live with the Legions (1992)[edit]

Live with the Legions
Demo album by Deceased
Recorded 1991-1992
Various locations
Genre Death metal
  1. "A Reproduction of Tragedy" (Live December 5, 1992, Maryland)
  2. "The 13 Frightened Souls/Robotic Village" (Live September 19, 1992, Washington, DC)
  3. "Psychedelic Warriors" (Live February 10, 1992, Washington, DC)
  4. "Birth By Radiation/Shrieks From The Hearse" (Live July 6, 1991, Maryland)
  5. "Island Of The Unknown" (Live April 22, 1992, Washington, DC)
  6. "Futuristic Doom" (Live March 20, 1992, Florida)
  7. "Haunted Cerebellum" (Live August 28, 1991, Virginia)
  8. "Planet Graveyard" (Live May 4, 1991, Illinois)
  9. "Feasting On Skulls" (Live June 20, 1992, Ohio)
  10. "Morbid Shape In Black" (Live November 27, 1992, Washington, DC)


  • King Fowley - drums, vocals
  • Mark Adams - guitar
  • Mike Smith - guitar
  • Les Snyder - bass

Demo I 1995 (1995)[edit]

  1. "Die By The Sword" (Slayer cover)
  2. "Beyond Science"
  3. "The Silent Creature"

Demo II 1995 (1995)[edit]

  1. "Mysterious Research"
  2. "From the Ground They Came"
  3. "Night of the Deceased"


  • King Fowley - drums, vocals
  • Mark Adams - guitar
  • Mike Smith - guitar
  • Les Snyder - bass


Studio albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]

  • Up The Tombstones!!! Live 2000 (2002)
  • Blood Orgy In College Park - Stalking The Airwaves!!! (2010)
  • "The Figure of Uneasiness" (2014)


  • Death Metal From The Grave (1996) - Featuring demo and live tracks
  • The Radiation Years (2002) - Featuring demo tracks
  • Zombie Hymns (2002) - A metal covers album
  • Corpses, Souls & Other Strangeness (2003) - Featuring Luck of the Corpse, 13 Frightened Souls and bonus tracks
  • Return to the Evil Side (2004) - Featuring demo and live tracks
  • Rotten To The Core (2004) - A punk covers album
  • Legions of Arrggghhhh - Demo and live tracks
  • Cadaver Traditions - Compilation of their covers

Compilation appearances[edit]

Year Compilation Label Song Album
1992 Just the Beginning II Relapse Records "The 13 Frightened Souls" Rough version
1993 5 Years Nuclear Blast Nuclear Blast "Nuclear Exorcist" 13 Frightened Souls
Corporate Death (A Relapse Multi Death Compilation) Relapse Records "Robotic Village"
1995 Death...Is Just The Beginning III "Creek of the Dead" The Blueprints for Madness
UHF/VHF "Midnight"
HUH CD 7 Huh Music Service "The Triangle"
2 Noise Pollution (Terrorizer Magazine Free CD April 1995) Triumphington Publishing Company "Alternate Dimensions"
Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series: Volume 3 Nuclear Blast "Midnight"
Traces Of Death III Relapse Records "Into the Bizarre"
1996 Audio Espionage Ax/ction Records "Robotic Village" (Live) Recorded at The Cave, Manassas VA (3/11/94)
1997 Promo Relapse Records "Fearless Undead Machines" Fearless Undead Machines
1998 Solid:Strip Mining The Underground Since 1990 "Graphic Repulsion"
Contamination MCMXCVII (Polluting The Scene Since 1990) "Beyond Science"
Mercyful Fate Tribute Listenable Records "Nuns Have No Fun" Previously unreleased Mercyful Fate cover
1999 Relapse Records Sampler Spring 1999 Relapse Records "Beyond Science" Fearless Undead Machines
A Call To Irons 2: A Tribute to Iron Maiden Dwell Records "2 Minutes to Midnight" Previously unreleased Iron Maiden cover
Land of the Wizard: A Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne "S.A.T.O." Previously unreleased Ozzy Osbourne cover
Dead Forever: Tribute to Motörhead "Stay Clean" Previously unreleased Motörhead cover
A Tribute to Mercyful Fate Still Dead Records "Doomed by the Living Dead" Previously unreleased Mercyful Fate cover
2000 Contaminated 3.0 Relapse Records "A Very Familiar Stranger" Supernatural Addiction
Wizards of Gore: A Tributo to Impetigo Razorback Records "Dis-organ-ized" Previously unreleased Impetigo cover
2001 Contaminated 4.0 Relapse Records "It's Alive" Behind the Mourner's Veil
Under the Guillotine: Tribute to Kreator Dwell Records "Tormentor" Previously unreleased Kreator cover
2002 We Don't Need Society: Tribute to D.R.I. Malt Soda Records "Madman" Previously unreleased D.R.I. cover


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