Defense Academic Information Technology Consortium

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Defense Academic Information Technology Consortium
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Agency overview
Formed May 1, 2008
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Parent agency U.S. Department of Defense
Child agencies
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The Defense Academic Information Technology Consortium (or DAITC), formerly the Department of Defense Education Information Security Working Group (DODEISWG), is an organization consisting of IT leadership from a number of United States Federal Government academic degree-granting institutions. The group advocates the use of information technology resources to advance the educational mission of the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies.

DAITC was organized and founded by the Naval War College in May 2008 and disbanded at the direction of Naval War College leadership in October 2009.

Talk of its demise, however, was somewhat premature. Chairmanship was moved to the National Defense University in 2009. The group narrowed its focus and membership so that it could address problems among accredited academic institutions more effectively. Meetings have been held every six months at different sites. Currently, the DAITC meets in conjunction with the Military Education Coordination Council's (MECC) Distance Learning Coordination Council (DLCC) and the MECC's Library working group.

United States Federal Academic Degree Granting Institutions[edit]