Democratic Renewal of Macedonia

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Democratic Renewal of Macedonia
Демократска обнова на Македонија
Leader Liljana Popovska
Founded 2006
Headquarters Skopje
Ideology Green politics,
European affiliation European Green Party
(Candidate Member)
International affiliation Global Greens
Colours      green
Macedonian Parliament
1 / 123
Coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia.svg
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The Democratic Renewal of Macedonia (Macedonian: Демократска обнова на Македонија, Demokratska obnova na Makedonija) is a green political party in the Republic of Macedonia. This party actively promotes the green idea for Macedonia. DOM's political objectives are: green jobs, renewable energy, human rights, democracy, ecology, tourism, eco-agriculture, women empowerment, culture, more funds for science and education. At their first elections, 5 July 2006, the party won 1.9% and 1 out of 120 seats. From 2008, DOM is part of Coalition run by Macedonia ruling party VMRO-DPMNE. In the parliamentary elections 2008 and 2011 DOM as part of the Coalition won 1 seat.

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