Denmark–Italy relations

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Denmark-Italy relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Italy



Denmark–Italy relations dates to the first treaty signed in 1873. Denmark has an embassy in Rome, and Italy has an embassy in Copenhagen.[1][2] Both countries are members of EU and NATO.


The first treaty between Denmark and Italy, was signed on 19 July 1873.[3] On 21 May 1885, an agreement on reciprocal relief was signed.[4]


In 1951, Denmark and Italy had a large surplus in trading balance. Italian imports, amounted 130 million DKK. Italian exports amounted 203 million.[5] In 2008, Danish exports to Italy, amounted 17,3 billion DKK, and Italian exports amounted 20,7 billion DKK.[6]

Cultural relations[edit]

Denmark and Italy signed a cultural agreement in 1956. The association Società Dante Alighieri has two committees in Denmark. There are Italian language studies at three Danish universities.[7]


Alfredo Mantica visited Denmark in October 2009; this was the first time that an Italian politician visited Denmark, and also the first bilateral discussion between Italy and Denmark that are not discussed in Brussels, Belgium.[8]


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