Deodatus of Nevers

Deodatus of Nevers was a bishop of Nevers from 655. Deodatus lived with Arbogast in the monastery of Ebersheim, established by Childeric II near Sélestat in the forest of Haguenau. Deodatus' establishment of the monastery Juncturae in the present town of Saint-Dié followed his appointment as the bishop of Nevers, he placed Jointures under the Rule of Saint Columban. He baptized the son of Saint Hunna, named Deodatus and, venerated as a saint. Hunna's son became a monk at Ebersheim. After 664 Deodatus renounced his see to withdraw to the so-called valley of "Galilaea" in the Vosges, where he lived as a hermit in a cell. Tradition states that he died in the arms of bishop of Treves; the town of Saint-Dié grew up around the monastery of Jointures. However, some sources connect the name with Deodatus of Blois. "Deodatus of Nevers". Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon. Deodatus von St. Dié Den hellige Deodatus av Nevers

Keyishian v. Board of Regents

Keyishian v. Board of Regents, 385 U. S. 589, was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that states cannot prohibit employees from being members of the Communist Party and that this law was overbroad and too vague. New York State had laws that prohibited state employees from belonging to any organization that advocated the overthrow of the US government or was "treasonous" or "seditious." The regents of the State University of New York required teachers and employees to sign an oath that they were not members of the Communist Party. Some faculty and staff of the University were terminated for refusing to sign the oath and appealed to the Supreme Court; the Supreme Court, in a 5–4 decision, overturned the New York state laws prohibiting membership in seditious groups because it was too vague and was overbroad. That reversed the 1952 decision in Adler v. Board of Education, in which Irving Adler had been dismissed for the New York City public school system because of a previous connection with the Communist Party USA.

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Ahmed Yahiaoui

Ahmed Yahiaoui is a French football midfielder of Algerian origin. Whilst at Olympique de Marseille, Yahiaoui was a target for Chelsea FC but the club was unsuccessful in its attempts to signing him, as Olympique de Marseille had persuaded him to stay with the squad. At the beginning of his career, Yahiaoui played for France U-17. However, he failed to make an impact at his club Olympique de Marseille, in contrast to his teammate Samir Nasri, he left the squad to play one year for the Ligue 2 side FC Istres, before joining FC Sion, from where he was released at the beginning of 2007. Yahiaoui had failed to secure a permanent deal. After having an unsuccessful week long trial with Everton FC in an attempt to secure a permanent deal as David Moyes was looking to strengthen his squad before the start of the 2007-08 Premier League season. Yahiaoui signed a contract for a half with AS Cannes in December 2007 on a free transfer. France UEFA European Under-17 Football Championship: 2004 Ahmed Yahiaoui at L'Équipe Football Ahmed Yahiaoui – French league stats at LFP Ahmed Yahiaoui at Soccerway