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Desert rose (crystal)

Desert rose is the colloquial name given to rose-like formations of crystal clusters of gypsum or baryte which include abundant sand grains. The'petals' are crystals flattened on the c crystallographic axis, fanning open in radiating flattened crystal clusters; the rosette crystal habit tends to occur when the crystals form in arid sandy conditions, such as the evaporation of a shallow salt basin. The crystals form a circular array of flat plates, giving the rock a shape similar to a rose blossom. Gypsum roses have better defined, sharper edges than baryte roses. Celestine and other bladed evaporite minerals may form rosette clusters, they can appear either as a single rose-like bloom or as clusters of blooms, with most sizes ranging from pea sized to 4 inches in diameter. The ambient sand, incorporated into the crystal structure, or otherwise encrusts the crystals, varies with the local environment. If iron oxides are present, the rosettes take on a rusty tone; the desert rose may be known by the names: sand rose, rose rock, selenite rose, gypsum rose and baryte rose.

Rose rocks are found in Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, the United States, Australia, South Africa and Namibia. Rose rock in Oklahoma was formed during the Permian Period, 250 million years ago, when western and central Oklahoma was covered by a shallow sea; as the sea retreated, baryte precipitated out of the water and crystallized around grains of quartz sand. This left behind large formation of reddish sandstone, locally called Garber Sandstone, containing deposits of rose rock; the rose rock was selected as the official rock of the US state of Oklahoma in 1968. The average size of rose; the largest recorded by the Oklahoma Geological Survey was 17 inches across and 10 inches high, weighing 125 pounds. Clusters of rose rocks up to 39 inches tall and weighing more than 1,000 pounds have been found. Timberlake Rose Rock Museum in Noble, Oklahoma 3D model of a desert rose

Lists of This American Life episodes

The following is a list of the yearly lists of This American Life radio episodes. This American Life is a weekly hour-long public radio program produced by Chicago Public Radio and hosted by Ira Glass, it began as a radio program in 1995. List of 1995 This American Life episodes List of 1996 This American Life episodes List of 1997 This American Life episodes List of 1998 This American Life episodes List of 1999 This American Life episodes List of 2000 This American Life episodes List of 2001 This American Life episodes List of 2002 This American Life episodes List of 2003 This American Life episodes List of 2004 This American Life episodes List of 2005 This American Life episodes List of 2006 This American Life episodes List of 2007 This American Life episodes List of 2008 This American Life episodes List of 2009 This American Life episodes List of 2010 This American Life episodes List of 2011 This American Life episodes List of 2012 This American Life episodes List of 2013 This American Life episodes List of 2014 This American Life episodes List of 2015 This American Life episodes List of 2016 This American Life episodes List of 2017 This American Life episodes List of 2018 This American Life episodes List of 2019 This American Life episodes

Tsokye Tsomo Karchung

Tsokye Tsomo Karchung is a Bhutanese actress and beauty pageant title holder who won Miss Bhutan 2008 and competed in Miss Earth 2008. She is the first Bhutanese woman to be crowned as Miss Bhutan; as an actress, she acted in many Bhutanese films including'My Teacher, My World, Wai Lama Kencho and Meto Pema. Tsokye made her debut with the movie,'Sem Gawai Tasha', a big success. Movie critics was well received by the masses. For the movie, she won the Best debutant female award in 2012; this was followed by many successful movies such as Sharchogpa Zamin, Shhh... Galuya Malap, Miss Kota and Drukpa Kuenley. Tsokye holds the record of winning National Fimfare Awards in the category of best actress for four consistent years. In 2016, she won the award for the movie one of her own production, she has become a role model for Bhutanese girls. Tsokye's latest movie, Thrung Thrung Karmo was released in December 2016; the movie was a recipient of the prestigious Prime Minister's Award at the Bhutan Film Awards 2017.

Tsokye was nominated for the Best Actress Award category. Karchung won Miss Bhutan 2008; the win sent her to compete in Miss Earth 2008. Karchung became the first Bhutanese representative to the Miss Earth pageant in 2008, she joined the rest of the delegates from 84 countries in Manila. She first attended a cocktail dinner; the delegates flew out to Coron, one of the tourism wonders of the Philippines for a three-day trip and returned to Laguna, a province down south of Manila, for more environmental activities. The director of Miss Bhutan pageant, Karma Tshering, along with Bhutan’s popular singer/actor, Rinchen Namgay, Tsokye Tsomo’s sister, Euthra Karchung, were present in traditional Bhutanese attires at the grand finale, she finished unplaced. 2013 - Jarim Sarim Yeshey Tshogay 2014 - BAEYUL-The Hidden Paradise 2015 Wai Lama Kencho 2016 Thrung Thrung Karmo

Geoffrey Chadsey

Geoffrey Chadsey is an American artist known for his painting and drawings, based in Brooklyn, New York. He is best known for his depictions of men, consisting of dense curving and parallel lines reminiscent of engraving to delineate imperfect bodies that shift between genders. Chadsey was born in Pennsylvania. In 1989, he received an AB in visual and environmental studies from Harvard University, in 1995, an MFA in Photography and Drawing from California College of the Arts, his conspicuously flawed bodies are androgynous, as in Portrait II, in the collection of the Honolulu Museum of Art. The Honolulu Museum of Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art are among the public collections holding work by Geoffrey Chadsey. Bowers, Keith, “Geoff Chadsey Exposes Private Horror in ‘shift, return’ at Electric Works”, SFWeekly, Feb. 8, 2011 Chadsey, James Jensen. “This Month’s Top Exhibitions in the Western United States––Electric Works Gallery, San Francisco, California”, Huffington Post, Jan. 28, 2011 Morse, Marcia.

“Geoffrey Chadsey at the Contemporary Museum”, Art in America, Nov. 2007, p. 230

2013 Cambridge, Massachusetts municipal election

The Cambridge, Massachusetts municipal election of 2013 took place on Tuesday, November 5, 2013, to elect the nine members of the Cambridge City Council, the School Committee. Cambridge has a city government led by nine-member city council. There is a six-member School Committee which functions alongside the Superintendent of public schools; the councilors and school committee members are elected every two years using the single transferable vote system. Once a laborious process that took several days to complete by hand, ballot sorting and calculations to determine the outcome of elections are now performed by computer, after the ballots have been optically scanned. Voters indicated order of preference. For the 25 candidates. Seven of the 25 candidates were members of the outgoing council. "COUNT 1 -- Tally of 1st place votes". November 15, 2013 -- Cambridge, MA City Council Election. City of Cambridge. Retrieved 8 February 2017. "COUNT 17 -- vanBeuzekom, Minka Y. has been DEFEATED -- transferring all votes".

November 15, 2013 -- Cambridge, MA City Council Election. City of Cambridge. Retrieved 8 February 2017. Board of Election Commissioners. "Municipal Elections. City of Cambridge. City of Cambridge. 2013 Municipal Election Official Results Part I of a five-part series on Cambridge City Council election issues Harvard Crimson October 4, 2013 Cambridge Candidate Pages – 2013 City Council Candidates Cambridge Day Cambridge Municipal Elections, Robert Winters

Los Angeles Alligator Farm

The Los Angeles Alligator Farm, located next door to the Los Angeles Ostrich Farm in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, United States, was an alligator farm and a major city tourist attraction from 1907 until 1953. Situated across from Lincoln Park, at 3627 Mission Road, it moved to Buena Park, California in 1953, where it was renamed the California Alligator Farm; the attraction was shut down in 1984 after attendance dropped below 50,000 people annually, the animals were relocated to a private estate in Florida. Los Angeles Alligator Farm 1907-1953 Los Angeles Alligator Farm