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Dhruvi Acharya is an Indian artist, known for her psychologically complex and visually layered paintings, often accented with dark humour. Her work has been exhibited in international museums and galleries since 1998, when her MFA thesis exhibition was also her first gallery solo show. Acharya began painting her memories of home soon after arriving in the United States from Mumbai, India, in 1995. She spent a decade living in the US, along with her late husband, filmmaker Manish Acharya (1967-2010). Mother of two teenaged boys, Acharya currently lives and works in Mumbai.

In a piece about her October–November 2016 solo show "after the fall" at Chemould Prescott Road Gallery in Bombay, which reviewer Anindita Ghose viewed as marking "a powerful return" for the artist, Vogue India wrote that the "visual detailing in Acharya’s work lures viewers to pause and reflect on their own experiences. This is not just her struggle. It forces you to confront your own."[1] Reviewing the same show for India's most respected broadsheet, The Hindu, Phalguni Desai wrote that "After the Fall is exquisite, personal and unabashed in its grief and in its strength."[2]

In Acharya's lusciously painted world, human forms morph to match their mental state, comic book-inspired empty thought and speech bubbles convey ineffable emotions, and memory drawings fade in and out of layers of paint: merging the past, the present and imagined futures. Employing subtle, dark and wry humour, Acharya's work magnifies the psychological and emotional aspects of an urban woman’s life in a world teeming with discord, violence and pollution. Although the genesis of the work is often personal, Acharya's finished paintings reflect on the universality of the human emotions and experiences.


Dhruvi Acharya received her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree from the Hoffberger School of Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA in 1998. She completed her Post Baccalaureate in 1996 from the same college, having earlier completed her undergraduate studies in Applied Arts from the Sophia Polytechnic in Mumbai.


Exhibitions Acharya has had solo shows with Gallery Chemould Prescott Road in Mumbai, Kravets/Wehby Gallery in New York, Nature Morte in New Delhi, and Gomez Art Gallery, Baltimore. She has exhibited with the San Jose Museum of Art, BosePacia Modern in New York, National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai, Chatrapati Shivaji Museum in Mumbai, Griffith University, Webster University in St. Louis, Brisbane, Spazio Oberdan in Milan, Queens Museum of Art in New York. Acharya's special projects include "painting as performance", with Chitra Ganesh, India Art Fair in 2015, "JSW" mural - 32 foot work for the Jindal Steel Works Center, Mumbai and "Mumbai City" Mural, for the Mumbai International Airport Art Project, Mumbai.


Honors & Awards

Acharya has been the recipient of the 2014 YFLO Young Women Achiever's Awards and the 2006 Aditya Vikram Birla Kiran Puraskar, India and nominated for The Joan Mitchell Foundation Award in 2006. Acharya was included among "50 Leaders of their Generation" by India Today (cover page) in January 2005. She has presented her work at the National Centre for Performing Arts and the Asia Society in Mumbai.


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