Dibba Al-Fujairah

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View on the coast at Dibba Al-Fujairah

Dibba Al-Fujairah (دبا الفجيرة) is a city in the emirate of Fujairah, located on the northeast part of the United Arab Emirates. It is geographically part of the Dibba region. Dibba Al-Fujairah is considered to be the second largest city in the emirate of Fujairah after Fujairah City. With an area of 600 square kilometres, Dibba Al-Fujairah had an estimated population of 29,301 (estimate) in July 2015.[1] Some of the settlements in Dibba Al-Fujairah:

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Coordinates: 25°35′28″N 56°15′36″E / 25.591°N 56.260°E / 25.591; 56.260