Die 8. Sünde

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Die 8. Sünde
Directed by Alain Payet
Walter Molitor
Produced by Magmafilm

Horst Baron
Marlene Cartier
Conny Dachs
Tiffany Hopkins
Jessica Lanoux aka Nicola K.
Anja Juliette Laval
Pierre Laval
Tyra Misoux
Philippe Soine
Fanny Steel
Janet Taylor

Susi Webstar
Release date
Running time
112 min.
Country Germany
Language German

Die 8. Sünde (English: "the 8th Sin") is a German pornographic film, and the winner of the Venus Award for Best Film 2003.

Plot summary[edit]

The film follows the protagonist, an angel in heaven (played by Horst Baron and his female entourage, Tiffany Hopkins and Susi Webstar). They are inspired by a secret book about the seven deadly sins. The individual scenes are each based on a mortal sin.

Scene breakdown[edit]

The first scene depicts the sin of gluttony. A married couple, played by Philippe Soine and Marlene Cartier, is brought together again after years of abstinence due to a snack attack. The second scene is dedicated to the sin of pride, in which a neglected wife (played by Nicole K.) finds the sexual attention she craves in a meeting with another man. In the following scene, Conny Dachs and Fanny Steel depict the sin of greed. The fourth scene is dominated by Janet Taylor dreaming about her perfect man to resemble the sin of sloth. The fifth sin, wrath, is depicted in a scene featuring Tyra Misoux. The following scene is dedicated to the sin of envy, starring Anja Juliette and Pierre Laval. In the seventh and last scene, the two female angels mentioned above animate several stone stautes in a depiction of the final sin, lust.

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