Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow

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Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow is the Swiss Eurovision national final organized by SRG SSR since 2011. The show is considered to be a successor to Concours Eurovision, which got cancelled in 2005.


After 6 years of an internal section, a national final was made after the Swiss Jury gave 12 points to Norway in 2009 and Germany in 2010. The first final was held on 11 December 2010 and was won by Anna Rossinelli with the song In Love for a While, giving Switzerland's first qualification for Eurovision during the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany, where the song came last place with 19 points. Following that was Sinplus in 2012, Takasa in 2013, Sebalter in 2014, Mélanie René in 2015, Rykka in 2016, Timebelle in 2017, and Zibbz in 2018.