Dingleberry Haze

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Dingleberry Haze
Boodhound Gang-Dingleberry Haze.jpg
EP by The Bloodhound Gang
Released November 1994
Recorded 1992-1994
Genre Alternative hip hop, rap rock
Length 21:22
Label Cheese Factory Records
Producer Jimmy Pop Ali, Daddy Long Legs and Grover
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Dingleberry Haze
Use Your Fingers

Dingleberry Haze was the first EP released by American alternative rock band The Bloodhound Gang on Cheese Factory Records in November 1994.

Though there are not too many differences between this EP and their next release, Use Your Fingers, there are a few. The major difference is in the track "Coo Coo Ca Choo" which uses a sample from Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love", rather than the heavy guitar riff-laden version that appears on Use Your Fingers.

This CD was written by Jimmy Pop and Daddy Long Legs who is now in the group Wolfpac.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Go Down" – 2:23
  2. "Cheese Tidbit" – 0:44
  3. "Legend In My Spare Time" – 3:08
  4. "Neighbour Invasion" – 0:07
  5. "Mama Say" – 3:02
  6. "Rang Dang" – 3:04
  7. "Earlameyer The Butt Pirate" – 0:06
  8. "One Way" – 3:07
  9. "Shitty Record Offer" – 0:51
  10. "Coo Coo Ca Choo" – 2:40
  11. "Live At The Apollo" – 2:10

Unreleased tracks[edit]

The group was planning on putting more tracks on this EP, but it has been said that they decided against it due to time constraints. Some of these tracks have been released on the band's first album, Use Your Fingers, although they were re-recorded.

  • Convoy
  • Hokie Pokie (though it leaked on the internet a few years ago)
  • Ornamental Groove in Floopoid Zee (One of the band's earliest songs)
  • No Rest for the Wicked
  • We Are the Knuckleheads
  • She Ain't Got No Legs

Alternative versions of a few of the songs on this EP are also circulating among fans.


  • Engineer – Bill Fitch, D.J. Mizz, Michael Harmon, Richie Gaglia
  • Executive Producer – Cousin Mike
  • Mastered By – Gene Paul
  • Other [Cover Model] – Grover
  • Performer – Daddy Long Legs, Jimmy Pop
  • Performer [The Rest Of The Gang] – Bubba K. Love, Foof, Lazy I, M.S.G. (2), Skip O-Pot 2 Mus*, White Steve
  • Photography – Nicole
  • Written-By – Daddy Long Legs, Jimmy Pop