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Diocese in Europe
Diocese in Europe logo.jpg
Ecclesiastical province Canterbury
Archdeaconries Eastern, France, Germany and Northern Europe, Gibraltar, Italy and Malta, Northwest Europe, Switzerland
Churches 295
Cathedral Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar
Co-cathedral St Paul's Pro-Cathedral
Holy Trinity, Brussels
Current leadership
Bishop Robert Innes
Metropolitan Archbishop Justin Welby
Suffragan David Hamid

The Diocese in Europe (short form for "The Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe") is geographically the largest diocese of the Church of England and the largest diocese in the Anglican Communion, covering some one-sixth of the Earth's landmass, including Morocco, Europe (excluding the British Isles), Turkey, Mongolia and the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The See Cathedral is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar and there are two Pro-Cathedrals in Malta and Brussels. The diocese is headed by the Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, who is assisted by the Suffragan Bishop in Europe. The present bishop, Rob Innes, was commissioned and consecrated on 20 July 2014.[1] The current suffragan bishop is David Hamid, who was consecrated bishop on 17 October 2002. The pro-cathedrals are St Paul's Cathedral, Valletta, Malta, and Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Brussels, Belgium.

The diocese is attached to the Province of Canterbury. The Diocese of Gibraltar was created on 29 September 1842[2][3] and at that time covered all Anglican chaplaincies from Portugal to the Caspian Sea. On 30 June 1980,[4] the diocese was amalgamated with the Jurisdiction of North and Central Europe (exercised by the Bishop of London through the Suffragan Bishop of Fulham) and renamed the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe (it has since become commonly known as the Diocese in Europe). It is divided into seven archdeaconries.


A map showing the Diocese in Europe. Archdeaconries are colour-coded.


The diocese is led by the diocesan Bishop in Europe, Robert Innes and the Suffragan Bishop in Europe, David Hamid.

The diocese also licences many honorary assistant bishops to fulfill some episcopal duties across the European diocese. Several of these are the current bishops of other churches in Europe in communion with the Church of England:

The rest are retired Anglican bishops resident in England. The following are licensed as of March 2014 according to the official diocesan website:[6]

Additionally, there are several more honorary assistant bishops listed Crockford's Clerical Directory as of March 2014:[8]


Archdeaconry of France[edit]

  • Pas-de-Calais (Chaplain: Vacant)[9]
    • Calais Anglican Church
    • Boulogne-sur-Mer Anglican Church
    • Hesdin Anglican Church
  • Christ Church Brittany (Interim Minister: Jeremy Cross)[10]
    • Ploërmel Anglican Church
    • Huelgoat Anglican Church
    • Rostrene Anglican Church
  • Dunkerque Mission to Seafarers (Chaplain: Philip Edell)[11]
  • Lille and Arras (Priest-in-Charge: DM Flach)
  • St Peter, Chantilly (Chaplain: Nick Clarke)[13]
  • Christ Church in the Manche (Chaplain: Vacant)[14]
    • Gratot Hommëel Anglican Church
    • Virey Anglican Church
  • St Bartholomew, Dinard (Priest-in-Charge: Gareth Randall)[15]
  • St George, Paris, with Caen (Chaplain: Matthew Harrison; Assistant Chaplain: Andrew Bigg; Curate: Nicolas Razafindratsima)
    • St George, Paris[16]
    • Caen Anglican Chaplaincy[17]
  • St Michael, Paris (Chaplain: Vacant; Associate Chaplain: Dale Hanson)[18]
  • Holy Trinity, Maisons-Laffitte (Chaplain: Olaf Eriksson)[19]
  • Versailles and Gif (Assistant Chaplain: EO Labourel)
  • St Luke, Fontainebleau (Chaplain: Vacant)[21]
  • All Saints, Vendée (Priest-in-Charge: Vacant)[22]
    • Puy de Serre Anglican Church
    • La Chapelle Archard Anglican Church
    • La Chapelle Palluau Anglican Church
  • Christ the Good Shepherd, Poitou-Charentes (Chaplain: Adam Boulter; Assistant Chaplain: Paul Knight)[23]
    • Ambernac Anglican Church
    • Barbezieux-St-Hilaire Anglican Church
    • Chef Boutonne Anglican Church
    • Civray Anglican Church
    • Jarnac Anglican Church
    • La Rochefoucauld Anglican Church
    • Magné Anglican Church
    • Parthenay Anglican Church
    • St Jean d'Angély Anglican Church
    • Verteuil Anglican Church
    • Villejésus Anglican Church
  • St Mark, Grenoble (Chaplain: Bob Hurley)[24]
  • Aquitaine (Chaplain: Tony Lomas; Assistant Chaplains: GL Strachan, Bramwell Bearcroft; Curates: EA Morris, Charlotte Sullivan)[25]
    • Bertric-Burée Anglican Church
    • Bordeaux Anglican Church[26]
    • Limeuil Anglican Church
    • Monteton Anglican Church
    • Périgueux-Chancelade Anglican Church
    • Sorges Anglican Church
    • Ste Nathalène Anglican Church
    • Doudrac Anglican Church
  • St Andrew, Biarritz (Chaplain: Vacant)[27]
  • St Alban, Strasbourg (Priest-in-Charge: Mark Barwick)[28]
  • Trinity Church, Lyon (Chaplain: Ben Harding)[29]
  • Midi-Pyrénées & Aude Chaplaincy (Chaplain: Vacant; Assistant Chaplains: Tony Jewiss, June Hutchinson)[30]
    • Alet les Bains Anglican Church
    • Brens Anglican Church
    • Cahors Anglican Church
    • Caylus Anglican Church
    • Toulouse Anglican Church
    • Valence d'Agen Anglican Church
    • Vayrac Anglican Church
  • St Michael, Gard (Priest-in-Charge: Stafford Low)[31]
  • Marseille and Aix (Priest-in-Charge: Vacant)
    • All Saints, Marseille[32]
    • Aix-en-Provence Anglican Church
  • Holy Trinity, Cannes (Chaplain: Giles Williams)[33]
  • St Michael, Beaulieu-sur-Mer (Priest-in-Charge: Anthony Ingham)[34]
  • Lorgues with Fayence (Priest-in-Charge: Peter Massey)[35]
    • Lorgues Anglican Church
    • Fayence Anglican Church
  • St John, Menton (Priest-in-Charge: DA Hart)[36]
  • Nice and Vence (Chaplain: Peter Jackson)[37]
    • Holy Trinity, Nice
    • St Hugh, Vence
  • St Andrew, Pau (Priest-in-Charge: Robert Dennis)[38]
  • St Raphaël, with Port Grimaud (Chaplain: Tom Wilson)[39]
    • St John the Evangelist, St Raphaël
    • Port Grimaud Anglican Church
  • St George, Vernet-les-Bains (Priest-in-Charge: David Phillips)[40]
  • St Paul, Monte Carlo

Archdeaconry of North West Europe[edit]


  • Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Brussels (Senior Chaplain: Paul Vrolijk; Associate Chaplain: John Wilkinson)[41]
  • St Boniface, Antwerp (Chaplain: Andrew Wagstaff)[42]
  • Antwerp Mission to Seafarers (Chaplain: Brian Millson)[43]
  • Christ Church, Charleroi (Chaplain: Vacant)[44]
  • Ghent and Knokke (Priest-in-Charge/Chaplain: S Murray)
    • St John, Ghent[45]
    • Ghent Mission to Seafarers
  • SS Martha & Mary, Leuven (Priest-in-Charge: Jack McDonald)[46]
  • Liège Anglican Church (Priest-in-Charge: Paul Yiend)
  • Mons Anglican Church (Served by Senior Chaplain to the Forces, UK Support Unit, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe)
  • Ostend, Bruges & Kortrijk (Priest-in-Charge: Augustine Nwaekwe)[47]
    • Ostend Anglican Church
    • St Peter's Chapel, Bruges
    • Kortrijk Anglican Church
    • St George, Knokke-Heist
  • St Paul, Tervuren (Chaplain: SJ Tyndall; Assistant Chaplain: NJ Gregory)[48]
  • St George, Ypres (Priest-in-Charge: BM Llewellyn)[49]
  • Luxembourg Anglican Church

Archdeaconry of Germany and Northern Europe[edit]


Archdeaconry of Switzerland[edit]

La Côte[51]

Divonne-les-Bains Anglican Church (Meets in Temple de Divonne)

Archdeaconry of Gibraltar[edit]

Archdeaconry of Italy and Malta[edit]

Eastern Archdeaconry[edit]

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