Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich

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Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich
Ecclesiastical province Canterbury
Archdeaconries Sudbury, Suffolk, Ipswich[N 1]
Parishes 446
Churches 482
Cathedral St Edmundsbury Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop Martin Seeley, Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich
Suffragan Mike Harrison, Bishop of Dunwich
Dean Joe Hawes, Dean of St Edmundsbury
Archdeacons David Jenkins, Archdeacon of Sudbury
Ian Morgan, Archdeacon of Suffolk
Archdeacon of Ipswich (vacant)

The Diocese of Saint Edmundsbury and Ipswich is a Church of England diocese based in Ipswich, covering Suffolk (excluding Lowestoft). The cathedral is St Edmundsbury Cathedral and the bishop is the Bishop of Saint Edmundsbury and Ipswich. It is part of the Province of Canterbury.

The diocese was formed on 23 January 1914 from part of the Diocese of Norwich and the Diocese of Ely.[2]

Though the diocesan offices, the bishops' offices and residences are all in Ipswich – only the cathedral (and its offices) are in Bury St Edmunds – the diocese is nonetheless often referred to as St Edmundsbury diocese.[3] Both the diocese[4] and the diocesan bishop[5] are commonly called "(St) Eds and Ips."


Alongside the diocesan Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich (Martin Seeley), the Diocese has one suffragan bishop: the Bishop suffragan of Dunwich (Mike Harrison since 24 February 2016.)[6] There are also some retired bishops living in the diocese who are licensed as honorary assistant bishops:

2015–present: Tim Stevens. retired Bishop of Leicester and former Bishop of Dunwich.[12]

Alternative episcopal oversight (for parishes in the diocese which reject the ministry of priests who are women) is provided by the provincial episcopal visitor, Norman Banks, Bishop suffragan of Richborough, who is licensed as an honorary assistant bishop of the diocese in order to facilitate his work there.

Archdeaconries and deaneries[edit]

Diocese Archdeaconries Rural Deaneries Paid clergyChurches Population People/clergy People/church Churches/clergy
Diocese of St Edmundsbury & IpswichArchdeaconry of IpswichDeanery of Bosmere62421,9483,6589154
Deanery of Colneys 7 2138,6155,516 1,839 3
Deanery of Hadleigh42318,7654,691 816 5.75
Deanery of Ipswich1525161,86810,791 6,475 1.67
Deanery of Samford 4 19 20,084 5,021 1,057 4.75
Deanery of Stowmarket51831,7616,352 1,765 3.6
Deanery of Woodbridge73525,1283,590 718 5
Archdeaconry of Sudbury Deanery of Clare42941,51410,379 1,432 7.25
Deanery of Ixworth33119,6666,555 634 10.33
Deanery of Lavenham 103019,074 1,907 636 3
Deanery of Mildenhall 8 26 61,335 7,667 2,359 3.25
Deanery of Sudbury 8 22 39,268 4,909 1,785 2.75
Deanery of Thingoe 11* 25* 54,898* 4,991 2,196 2.27
Archdeaconry of Suffolk Deanery of Hartismere
Deanery of Hoxne
Deanery of Loes
Deanery of Saxmundham
Deanery of Waveney & Blyth

*including Cathedral

List of churches[edit]

Not in a deanery[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Cathedra [2]
  • Dean: Joe Hawes
  • Canon: Philip Banks
  • Canon: Matthew Vernon

Deanery of Bosmere[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Blakenham, Great (St Mary) and Little (St Mary) with Baylham and Nettlestead
  • St Mary, Little Blakenham
  • St Peter, Baylham
  • St Mary, Nettlestead
  • Curate: Carl Melville
  • Curate (Blakenham etc): Julian Fennell
Claydon (No Church) and Barham
  • St Mary, Barham
Coddenham (St Mary) with Gosbeck and Hemingstone with Henley
  • St Peter, Henley
  • Priest-in-Charge: Philip Payne
  • Curate (Coddenham): Carl Melville
  • NSM (Coddenham, Crowfield): Helen Norris
  • NSM (Coddenham): Catherine Austin
  • NSM (Creeting): Barbara Gallagher
  • St Mary, Coddenham
  • St Mary, Gosbeck
  • St Gregory, Hemingstone
Creeting St Mary (St Mary), Creeting St Peter and Earl Stonham with Stonham Parva
  • St Mary, Creeting St Mary
  • St Peter, Creeting St Peter
  • St Mary, Earl Stonham
Crowfield (All Saints) with Stonham Aspal and Mickfield
  • All Saints, Crowfield
  • SS Mary & Lambert, Stonham Aspal
Bramford (St Mary the Virgin)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Bramford
  • Priest-in-Charge: Jennifer Seggar
  • Curate: Julian Fennell
Needham Market (St John the Baptist) with Badley
  • St John the Baptist, Needham Market
  • Priest-in-Charge: Diane Williams
Ringshall (St Catherine) with Battisford, Barking with Darmsden and Great Bricett
  • St Catherine, Ringshall
  • St Mary, Barking
  • St Mary, Battisford
  • SS Mary & Lawrence, Great Bricett
  • Priest-in-Charge: David Harrison
Somersham (St Mary) with Flowton and Offton with Willisham
  • St Mary, Somersham
  • St Mary, Flowton
  • St Mary, Offton
  • St Mary, Willisham

Deanery of Colneys[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Felixstowe (Christ Church)
  • Christ Church Felixstowe (1989)
  • Vicar: Mark Kichenside
Felixstowe (St John the Baptist) (St Edmund)
  • St John the Baptist, Felixstowe
  • St Edmund, Felixstowe
  • Priest-in-Charge: Andrew Dotchin
  • NSM: Penny Brinkley
Felixstowe (St Peter and St Paul) (St Andrew) (St Nicholas)
  • SS Peter & Paul, Felixstowe
  • St Andrew, Felixstowe
  • St Nicholas, Felixstowe
  • Vicar: Chris Hood
Martlesham (St Mary the Virgin) with Brightwell
  • St Mary the Virgin, Martlesham
  • St Michael & All Angels, Martlesham Heath
  • St John the Baptist, Brightwell
  • Priest-in-Charge: Toby Tate
  • NSM: Margaret Rittman
Nacton (St Martin) and Levington with Bucklesham and Foxhall with Kirton and Falkenham
  • St Martin, Nacton
  • St Mary, Bucklesham
  • St Ethelbert, Falkenham
  • SS Mary & Martin, Kirton
  • St Peter, Levington
  • Priest-in-Charge: Ian Wilson
Waldringfield (All Saints) with Hemley and Newbourne
  • All Saints, Waldringfield
  • All Saints, Hemley
  • St Mary the Virgin, Newbourne
Walton (St Mary) (St Philip) and Trimley
  • St Mary the Virgin, Walton
  • St Philip, Felixstowe
  • Rector: Caroline Allen
  • Curate: Charlotte Cook
  • NSM: Wendy Smith
  • St Martin, Trimley St Martin
  • St Mary the Virgin, Trimley St Mary

Deanery of Hadleigh[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bildeston (St Mary Magdalene) with Wattisham and Lindsey, Whatfield with Semer, Nedging and Naughton
  • St Mary Magdalene, Bildeston
  • St Peter, Lindsey
  • St Mary, Naughton
  • St Mary, Nedging
  • All Saints, Semer
  • St Margaret, Whatfield
  • Hon. Curate: Vacant
Elmsett (St Peter) with Aldham, Hintlesham, Chattisham and Kersey
  • St Peter, Elmsett
  • St Mary, Aldham
  • All Saints & St Margaret, Chattisham
  • St Nicholas, Hintlesham
  • St Mary, Kersey
  • Rector: Vacant
Hadleigh (St Mary), Layham and Shelley [11]
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • Curate: John Parr
  • Curate: Susan Foster
  • NSM: Simon White
Higham (St Mary), Holton St Mary, Raydon and Stratford St Mary
  • St Mary, Higham
  • St Mary, Holton St Mary
  • St Mary, Raydon
  • St Mary, Stratford St Mary
  • Rector: Rosalind Paul
Nayland (St James) with Wiston
  • St James, Nayland
  • St Mary the Virgin, Wissington
  • Priest-in-Charge: Mark Woodrow
Stoke By Nayland (St Mary) with Leavenheath and Polstead
  • St Mary, Stoke-by-Nayland
  • St Mary, Polstead
  • St Matthew, Leavenheath

Deanery of Ipswich[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Ipswich (All Hallows)
  • All Hallows, Ipswich
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Ipswich (St Andrew)
  • St Andrew, Ipswich
  • Priest-in-Charge: Mark Prentice
  • NSM: Jagit Bachu
Ipswich (St John the Baptist)
  • St John the Baptist, Ipswich
Ipswich (St Augustine of Hippo)
  • St Augustine of Hippo, Ipswich
  • Vicar: Trevor Golding
  • NSM: Ian Daniels
Ipswich (St Bartholomew)
  • St Bartholomew, Ipswich
  • Vicar: Paul Carter
Ipswich (St Helen) (Holy Trinity) (St Clement with St Luke)
  • Holy Trinity, Ipswich
  • St Helen, Ipswich
  • St Luke, Ipswich
  • Priest-in-Charge: Tom Rout
Ipswich (St Margaret)
  • St Margaret, Ipswich
  • Vicar: David Cutts
Ipswich (St Mary At Stoke) (St Peter) (St Francis) (St Clare's Church Centre) [20]
  • Team Rector: Robert Hinsley
  • Team Vicar: Vacant
  • Curate: Donna Gibbs
Ipswich (St Mary At the Elms) [21]
  • Priest-in-Charge: John Thackray
Ipswich (St Mary-Le-Tower) (St Nicholas) [22]
  • Vicar: Charles Jenkin
  • NSM: Jeanette Gosney
Ipswich (St Thomas)
  • St Thomas, Ipswich
  • Priest-in-Charge: Jutta Brueck
Kesgrave (All Saints)
  • All Saints, Kesgrave
  • Vicar: Robin Spittle
  • NSM: Paul Darbyshire
Rushmere (St Andrew)
  • St Andrew, Rushmere
  • Vicar: Caroline Wilson
Triangle (All Saints) (St Matthew) (Community Centre) Ipswich
  • Triangle Church, Ipswich
  • St Matthew, Ipswich
  • All Saints, Ipswich
  • Rector: Nicholas Atkins
  • Curate: Daniel Morrison
  • NSM: Ruth Best
Westerfield (St Mary Magdalene) and Tuddenham with Witnesham
  • St Mary Magdalene, Westerfield
  • St Martin, Tuddenham
  • St Mary, Witnesham
  • NSM: Alan Forsdike
  • NSM: Catherine Forsdike
Whitton (St Mary and St Botolph) and Thurleston with Akenham
  • SS Mary & Botolph, Whitton
  • Ascension, Castle Hill
  • Priest-in-Charge: Mary Sofanovic

Deanery of Samford[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bergholt, East (St Mary the Virgin) and Brantham
  • St Mary the Virgin, East Bergholt
  • St Michael the Archangel, Brantham
  • Rector: Steph van der Toorn
  • NSM: Richard Needle
Capel St Mary (St Mary) with Little Wenham and Great Wenham
  • St Mary, Capel St Mary
  • St John, Great Wenham
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: James Pendorf
Holbrook (All Saints), Stutton, Freston, Woolverstone and Wherstead
  • All Saints, Holbrook
  • St Peter, Freston
  • St Peter, Stutton
  • St Mary, Wherstead
  • St Michael & All Angels, Woolverstone
  • Rector: Geoffrey Clement
Shoreline Benefice, The, Comprising Chelmondiston, Erwarton, Harkstead, and Shotley
  • St Andrew, Chelmondiston
  • St Mary the Virgin, Erwarton
  • St Mary, Harkstead
  • St Mary, Shotley
  • Rector: Liesbeth Oosterhof
Sproughton (All Saints) with Burstall, Copdock with Washbrook and Belstead and Bentley with Tattingstone
  • St Mary the Virgin, Belstead
  • Rector: Annette Shannon
  • St Mary, Bentley
  • St Mary the Virgin, Burstall
  • St Peter, Copdock
  • All Saints, Sproughton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Tattingstone

Deanery of Stowmarket[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bacton (St Mary the Virgin) with Wyverstone, Cotton and Old Newton, and Wickham Skeith
  • St Mary the Virgin, Bacton
  • St Andrew, Cotton
  • St Nicholas' Chapel, Gipping
  • St Mary, Old Newton
  • St Andrew, Wickham Skeith
  • St George, Wyverstone
  • Priest-in-Charge: Val White
  • NSM: David White
Combs (St Mary) and Little Finborough
  • St Mary, Combs
  • Priest-in-Charge: Christopher Childs
  • Hon. Curate: Pauline Higham
  • St Mary, Little Finborough
Finborough, Great (St Andrew) with Onehouse, Harleston, Buxhall and Shelland [32]
  • St Mary, Buxhall
  • St Augustine of Canterbury, Harleston
  • St John the Baptist, Onehouse
  • King Charles the Martyr, Shelland
Haughley (St Mary the Virgin) with Wetherden and Stowupland
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Haughley
  • Holy Trinity, Stowupland
  • St Mary the Virgin, Wetherden
  • Priest-in-Charge: Brin Singleton
Mendlesham (St Mary) [33]
  • Vicar: Philip Gray
Stowmarket (St Peter and St Mary) [34]
  • Vicar: Michael Eden
  • NSM: Richard Stretch

Deanery of Woodbridge[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bealings, Great (St Mary) and Little (All Saints) with Playford and Culpho
  • St Mary, Great Bealings
  • All Saints, Little Bealings
  • St Botolph, Culpho
  • St Mary, Playford
  • Priest-in-Charge: Celia Cook
Carlford, Comprising Ashbocking, Boulge, Burgh, Clopton, Grundisburgh, Hasketon, Otley, and Swilland
  • All Saints, Ashbocking
  • St Michael, Boulge
  • St Botolph, Burgh
  • St Mary the Virgin, Clopton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Grundisburgh
  • St Andrew, Hasketon
  • St Mary, Otley
  • St Mary, Swilland
  • Rector: Clare Sanders
Melton (St Andrew) and Ufford
  • St Andrew the Apostle, Melton
  • Rector: Paul Hambling
  • Hon. Curate: Penny Brown
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ufford
Wilford Peninsula, The, Comprising Alderton, Bawdsey, Boyton, Bromeswell, Butley, Chillesford, Eyke, Hollesley, Iken, Orford, Ramsholt, Rendlesham, Shottisham, Sudbourne, Sutton, Tunstall, and Wantisden
  • All Saints, Ramsholt
  • Team Rector: Dave Murdoch
  • Team Vicar: Ruth Hatchett
  • Team Vicar: Vacant
  • St Gregory the Great, Rendlesham
  • St Felix of Dunwich, Rendlesham
  • St Andrew, Alderton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Bawdsey
  • St Andrew, Boyton
  • St Edmund, Bromeswell
  • St John the Baptist, Butley
  • St Peter, Chillesford
  • All Saints, Eyke
  • All Saints, Hollesley
  • St Botolph, Iken
  • St Bartholomew, Orford
  • St Margaret of Antioch, Shottisham
  • All Saints, Sudbourne
  • All Saints, Sutton
  • St Michael & All Angels, Tunstall
  • St John the Baptist, Wantisden
Woodbridge (St John the Evangelist) and Bredfield
  • St John the Evangelist, Woodbridge
  • St Andrew, Bredfield
  • Vicar: Clive Howard
  • NSM: Martin Roberts
Woodbridge (St Mary the Virgin)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Woodbridge
  • Rector: Kevan McCormack
  • NSM: Michael Hare

Deanery of Clare[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bansfield, Comprising Cowlinge, Denston, Lidgate, Ousden, Stansfield, Stradishall, and Wickhambrook
  • St Margaret of Antioch, Cowlinge
  • St Nicholas, Denston
  • St Mary, Lidgate
  • St Peter, Ousden
  • All Saints, Stansfield
  • St Margaret, Stradishall
  • All Saints, Wickhambrook
  • Rector: Vacant
Chevington (All Saints) with Hargrave, Chedburgh with Depden, Rede and Hawkedon
  • All Saints, Chevington
  • All Saints, Chedburgh
  • St Mary the Virgin, Depden
  • St Edmund King & Martyr, Hargrave
  • St Mary, Hawkedon
  • All Saints, Rede
  • Rector: Simon Hill
Haverhill (St Mary the Virgin) with Withersfield
  • St Mary the Virgin, Haverhill
  • St Mary the Virgin, Withersfield
  • Vicar: Ian Finn
Stour Valley, The, Comprising Cavendish, Clare with Poslingford, Hundon, Stoke-By-Clare, and Wixoe
  • St Mary, Cavendish
  • SS Peter & Paul, Clare
  • St Mary, Poslingford
  • All Saints, Hundon
  • St John the Baptist, Stoke by Clare
  • St Leonard, Wixoe
  • Rector: Stuart Mitchell
  • NSM: Lynda Sebbage
Stourhead, Comprising Barnardiston, Great Bradley, Great Thurlow, Great Wratting, Hundon, Kedington, Little Bradley, Little Thurlow, and Little Wratting
  • All Saints, Barnardiston
  • St Mary the Virgin, Great Bradley
  • All Saints, Great Thurlow
  • St Mary, Great Wratting
  • SS Peter & Paul, Kedington
  • All Saints, Little Bradley
  • St Peter, Little Thurlow
  • St Mary, Little Wratting
  • Vicar: Derek Hollis

Deanery of Ixworth[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Badwell (St Mary) and Walsham
  • St Mary, Badwell Ash
  • St Bartholomew, Finningham
  • All Saints, Great Ashfield
  • St Michael, Hunston
  • St Mary the Virgin, Langham
  • St George, Stowlangtoft
  • St Mary the Virgin, Walsham le Willows
  • St Margaret, Westhorpe
  • Priest-in-Charge: Philip Merry
  • Curate: Katherine Valentine
Pakenham (St Mary) with Norton and Tostock
  • St Mary, Pakenham
  • St Andrew, Norton
  • St Andrew, Tostock
  • Priest-in-Charge: Katherine Valentine
Blackbourne, Comprising Bardwell, Barnham, Euston, Fakenham Magna, Honington, Ingham, Ixworth, and Troston
  • SS Peter & Paul, Bardwell
  • St Gregory, Barnham
  • St Genevieve, Euston
  • St Peter, Fakenham Magna
  • All Saints, Honington
  • St Peter, Ampton
  • St Bartholomew, Ingham
  • St Peter, Great Livermere
  • St Mary, Ixworth
  • All Saints, Ixworth Thorpe
  • St Mary the Virgin, Troston
  • Team Rector: Phillip Garbett
  • NSM: Tony Redman
Hepworth (St Peter) with Hinderclay, Wattisfield and Thelnetham
  • St Margaret, Wattisfield
  • Rector/Curate: Vacant
  • St Peter, Hepworth
  • St Mary, Hinderclay
  • St Nicholas, Thelnetham
Stanton (All Saints), Hopton, Market Weston, Barningham and Coney Weston
  • St Andrew, Barningham
  • St Mary, Coney Weston
  • All Saints, Hopton
  • St Mary, Market Weston
  • All Saints, Stanton

Deanery of Lavenham[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bradfield St Clare (St Clare), Bradfield St George with Little Whelnetham, Cockfield, Felsham and Gedding
  • St Clare, Bradfield St Clare
  • St George, Bradfield St George
  • St Mary Magdalene, Little Whelnetham
  • St Peter, Cockfield
  • St Peter, Felsham
  • St Mary the Blessed Virgin, Gedding
  • Rector: Sharon Potter
Elmswell (St John the Divine)
  • St John the Divine, Elmswell
  • Rector: Peter Goodridge
  • Curate: Ernest Okeke
Lavenham (St Peter and St Paul) with Preston [48]
  • Rector: Stephen Earl
  • Curate: Paul Tyler
  • NSM: Elke Cattermole
Monks Eleigh (St Peter) with Chelsworth and Brent Eleigh with Milden and Kettlebaston
  • St Peter, Monks Eleigh
  • St Mary, Brent Eleigh
  • All Saints, Chelsworth
  • St Mary, Kettlebaston
  • St Peter, Milden
  • Priest-in-Charge: Carol Mansell
  • NSM: Jane Wright
Rattlesden (St Nicholas) with Thorpe Morieux, Brettenham and Hitcham
  • St Nicholas, Rattlesden
  • St Mary the Virgin, Brettenham
  • All Saints, Hitcham
  • St Mary the Virgin, Thorpe Morieux
  • Rector: Tiffer Robinson
Rougham (St Mary), Beyton with Hessett and Rushbrooke
  • All Saints, Beyton
  • Rector: Nick Cutler
  • St Ethelbert, Hessett
  • St Mary, Rougham
  • St Nicholas, Rushbrooke
St Edmund Way, Comprising Bradfield Combust, Great Whelnetham, Hawstead, Lawshall, Nowton, and Stanningfield
  • All Saints, Bradfield Combust
  • St Thomas a Becket, Great Whelnetham
  • All Saints, Hawstead
  • All Saints, Lawshall
  • St Peter, Nowton
  • St Nicholas, Stanningfield
[50] 2,885
Woolpit (Blessed Virgin Mary) with Drinkstone
  • Blessed Virgin Mary, Woolpit
  • Rector: Ruth Farrell
  • NSM: Michael Birt
  • All Saints, Drinkstone

Deanery of Mildenhall[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Brandon (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Brandon
  • Vicar: Sharron Coburn
Dalham (St Mary), Gazeley, Higham, Kentford and Moulton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Dalham
  • All Saints, Gazeley
  • St Stephen, Higham Green
  • St Mary the Virgin, Kentford
  • St Peter, Moulton
  • Priest-in-Charge: Rosemary Rycraft
Exning (St Martin) (St Philip) with Landwade
  • St Martin, Exning
  • SS Philip & Etheldreda, Exning
  • St Nicholas' Chapel, Landwade
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Andrew Rycraft
Lakenheath (St Mary), Santon Downham and Elveden
  • St Mary, Lakenheath
  • SS Andrew & Patrick, Elveden
  • St Mary the Virgin, Santon Downham
  • Vicar: Paul Tams
Mildenhall (St Mary)
  • St Mary, Mildenhall
  • St Mary the Virgin, Barton Mills
  • St John, Beck Row
  • SS Laurence & Peter, Eriswell
  • St Andrew, Freckenham
  • St James, Icklingham
  • St Andrew, Cavenham
  • St Mary, Tuddenham
  • St Ethelbert, Herringswell
  • St Peter, West Row
  • All Saints, Worlington
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
  • Curate: Sandra Barton
  • Curate: Sue Leathley
Newmarket (All Saints)
  • All Saints, Newmarket
  • Vicar: Malcolm Osborne
  • NSM: Susan Shaw
Newmarket (St Mary the Virgin) with Exning St Agnes
  • St Mary the Virgin, Newmarket
  • St Agnes, Exning
  • Rector: John Hardy
  • Curate: Max Drinkwater

Deanery of Sudbury[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Acton (All Saints) with Great Waldingfield
  • Priest-in-Charge: Caroline Hallett
Boxford (St Mary), Edwardstone, Groton, Little Waldingfield and Newton
  • St Mary, Boxford
  • St Mary the Virgin, Edwardstone
  • St Bartholomew, Groton
  • St Lawrence, Little Waldingfield
  • All Saints, Newton Green
  • Priest-in-Charge: Judith Sweetman
Bures (St Mary the Virgin) with Assington and Lt Cornard
  • St Mary the Virgin, Bures
  • St Edmund King & Martyr, Assington
  • All Saints, Little Cornard
  • Vicar: Steve Morley
  • NSM: Mary Cantacuzene
  • NSM: Tricia Box
Chadbrook, Comprising Alpheton, Shimplingthorne, and Long Melford
  • SS Peter & Paul, Alpheton
  • St George, Shimplingthorne
  • Rector: Matt Lawson
Cornard, Great (St Andrew)
  • St Andrew, Great Cornard
  • Vicar: Chris Ramsey
  • NSM: Jennie Ridley
Glemsford (St Mary the Virgin), Hartest with Boxted, Somerton and Stanstead (Glem Valley United Benefice)
  • St Mary the Virgin, Glemsford
  • Holy Trinity, Boxted
  • All Saints, Hartest
  • St Margaret, Somerton
  • St James, Stanstead
  • Rector: Patrick Prigg
Sudbury (All Saints) with Ballingdon and Brundon
  • All Saints, Sudbury
  • Priest-in-Charge: Simon Gill
Sudbury (St Gregory) St Peter and Chilton
  • St Gregory, Sudbury
  • Priest-in-Charge: Cheryl Collins

Deanery of Thingoe[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Barrow (All Saints)
  • All Saints, Barrow
  • St Mary, Denham
  • St Andrew, Great Saxham
  • St Nicholas, Little Saxham
  • St Giles, Risby
  • Vicar: Barbara Sherlock
Barton, Great (Holy Innocents) and Thurston
  • Holy Innocents, Great Barton
  • St Peter, Thurston
  • Vicar: Maria Crossman
Bury St Edmunds (All Saints) (St John the Evangelist) (St George)
  • All Saints, Bury St Edmunds
  • St George, Bury St Edmunds
  • St John the Evangelist, Bury St Edmunds
  • Team Rector/Priest-in-Charge: Mark Haworth
  • Curate: Matt Selman
  • Curate: Laura Selman
  • NSM: Julia Mann
  • NSM: Karen Burton
  • Hon. Curate: Tim Jones
Lark Valley Benefice, The, Comprising Culford, Flempton, Fornham, Lackford, and Timworth
  • St Mary, Culford
  • St Mary, West Stow
  • St Catherine of Alexandria, Flempton
  • All Saints, Fornham All Saints
  • St Martin, Fornham St Martin
  • St Lawrence, Lackford
  • St Andrew, Timworth
Bury St Edmunds (Christ Church) Moreton Hall
  • Christ Church, Moreton Hall
  • Vicar: Jonathan Alderton-Ford
  • NSM: David Carpenter
Bury St Edmunds (St Mary) (St Peter's District Church) [65]
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • Curate: Laurence Smith
  • Curate: Nick Alexander
  • NSM: David Crofts
Horringer (St Leonard)
  • St Leonard, Horringer
  • St Andrew, Brockley
  • St Mary, Westley
  • St Petronilla, Whepstead
  • Rector: Chris Griffiths

Deanery of Hartismere[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Eye (St Peter and St Paul)
  • SS Peter & Paul, Eye
  • Rector: Guy Sumpter
  • St Mary, Bedingfield
  • St Michael, Occold
Hartismere, North, Comprising Brome, Burgate, Palgrave, Stuston, Thrandeston, and Wortham
Hartismere, South, Comprising Gislingham, Mellis, Stoke Ash with Thwaite, Thorndon with Rishangles, Thornham Magna, Thornham Parva, Wetheringsett, and Yaxley
Redgrave (St Mary) Cum Botesdale St Mary with Rickinghall

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  1. ^ Ipswich archdeaconry still exists As of 2012 pending an archidiaconal reorganisation which will split its current territory between the two remaining archdeaconries;[1] no such scheme can go forward until a new diocesan bishop is in post.


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