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Directorate General for Police (DGP) (Turkish: Polis Genel Müdürlüğü) is the police organization of Northern Cyprus.


The roots of DGP goes back to Ottoman Police (1571). After two months of the transfer of administration of the Cyprus island to United Kingdom in 1878, "Cyprus Military Police" was founded by Britisher. In 1936, the word "Military" was removed from the name and it became "Cyprus Police", and it lasted with this name till 1960. By the establishment of Republic of Cyprus in 1960, police organization was separated to Police and Gendarme. In 16.08.1960, Cyprus Police Force has 415 Turkish Cypriot police and 604 Greek Cypriot police (total:1019). Police Firing Unit has 56 Turkish Cypriots and 125 Greek Cypriots (total: 181).

From 1 April 1955 (when EOKA started its activities) till 1974, more than 40 Turkish Cypriot policemen were killed. After the collapse of the partnership government in 1963, the Turkish Cypriot police and gendarmes formed the police organization "Directorate General for Police (DGP)" which then became TRNC DGP in 1983 when Northern Cyprus was declared.[1]

Police School[edit]

Police School of Northern Cyprus is a member of International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA).[2]

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