Blush (Mexican band)

Blush was a Mexican pop rock band from Guadalajara, Jalisco made up of 4 young women. Blush started as a disquietude of 4 young women from Guadalajara, Jalisco who wanted to create their own music. Ximena Calleros, Ale Di'Orio, Pao Reynoso and Tania Restelli started to play as a hobby but in a short lapse of time the band started to become more popular in their city, demanding them to take the project more formally; the band started with Tania Restelli as their leading vocalist. At first they wrote their songs in English, that were translated into Spanish on. Tania left the band because of personal issues, when Dany Ramirez entered replacing Tania as the singer. From that moment the band gained importance, they had several presentations and they composed more songs. That's how in a few months the band's fan list grew to thousands of followers, people who enjoyed the innovative concept of all-girl bands. In 2010 Blush had several important presentations around Guadalajara. From concerts in bars like the Old Jack's Studio and the Boston's Whiskey Bar to big events of thousands of people.

They recorded their first EP in OIGO Estudio with Arturo "Tuti" Perales as the sound engineer. This EP contains 3 songs: "No Es Asi", the single, presented and continuously played in local radio stations, "Contigo y Sin Ti" and "Ven". Starting 2011, Dany Ramirez left the band. Ximena Duggan: Drums, Backup vocals Ale Di'Orio: Guitar Marriana: Bass Beatriz Davizon: Lead vocals List of Songs: No Es Así Contigo y Sin Ti Ven Official Facebook Official Twitter Official MySpace

Raeesh Maniar

Raeesh Maniar is a Gujarati language ghazal poet, playwright, compere and script writer from Gujarat, India. His significant works include Kafiyanagar, Shabda Mara Swabhavma J Nathi and Aam Lakhvu Karave Alakh Ni Safar, he has written two reference books for students of ghazals, Ghazal: Roop ane Rang and Ghazal Nu Chhandovidhan. The work contains original research that may be applicable to prosody of all north Indian languages, he has written lyrics for several Hindi language movies. The Indian National Theater of Mumbai awarded him the Shayda Award for 2001 and the Kalapi Award for 2016 for his contributions to Gujarati ghazal poetry. Maniar was born on 19 August 1966 in Valsad district, Gujarat, he took his secondary schooling from D. C. O. Killa in 1980 and completed higher secondary schooling at St. Xavier's School, Surat, in 1983, he completed his MD in 1991 at Surat Medical College. He married Ami Patel in 1989, he lives in Surat. Raeesh Maniar started to write poems in 1977 as an 11-year-old child.

In December 1981, he had a poem published for the first time in Gujarat Samachar. He started his career as a medical doctor in 1993 at Surat. From 2008, he restricted his practice to behavioural child psychology. In 2013, he abandoned his clinical practice as a doctor and started to work full-time as a freelance writer, compere and script writer, he has written songs for Gujarati films, including Kevi Rite Jaish, Aa To Prem Chhe, Polampol, Vitamin She and Je Pan Kahish Te Sachu Kahish. In 2013, he penned the background song "Thai Dod Dod Gali Vaat Mod" for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela, he wrote the script for the popular Gujarati plays Antim Aparadh, Ek Anokho Karar and Love You Jindagi. All three plays were among the winners in the Chitralekha competition; the Sandesh newspaper published his column, "Aras-paras Ni Academy", every Sunday. He wrote the column "Vaat Nu Vatesar", in the same newspaper from 2010 to 2014, he has written a column called "Paraspar" for NavGujarat Samay since 2014.

Now Divya Bhaskar publishes his column. Maniar is known for his hazals in Gujarati. Kafiyanagar, his first book, was published in 1989, followed by Shabda Mara Swabhavma J Nathi and Aam Lakhvu Karaave Alakh Ni Safar, he has translated major works by Kaifi Azmi, Sahir Ludhianvi and Javed Akhtar and published each of them as books. His other significant works include Mareez: Astitva Ane Vyaktitva, Ghazal: Rup Ane Rang and Ghazal Nu Chhandovidhan, his work in the field of child psychology and parenting includes Baal Uchher Ni Barakhadi, Aapne Balkone Sha Mate Bhanaviye Chhiye and Tame ane Tamaru Nirogi Balak. He has written a novel called Likhitang Lavanya, he won. In 2002, he won an award given by Gujarati Sahitya Parishad for the best translation of Gulzar's poetry into Gujarati, his book, Baal Uchher Ni Barakhadi, was awarded a second-place B. N. Mankad Prize for 1998–1999 by Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, he received the Kalapi Award in 2016. He received the Narmad Suvarna Chandrak award for 2012 for his book Aam Lakhvu Karave Alakhni Safar.

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