Districts of the Unitarian Universalist Association

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A map of all 19 UUA districts.

The Unitarian Universalist Association, an association of Unitarian Universalist Congregations in the United States of America, is composed of 19 Districts.


Each District has its own District-level organization, complete with governing body (in the form of an elected council, or board) and all. Districts provide services to their member congregations, including help with ministerial settlement; each District has a representative on the UUA's Board of Trustees. Collaborations between districts have also resulted in the creation of five unofficial "regions": the Central East Regional Group, the Southern Region, MidAmerica Region, Pacific Western Region and New England Region. Multi-congregational collaboration within districts has also resulted in the creation of unofficial local "clusters" or "networks" (similar to deaneries in episcopal polities) within metropolitan areas with closely approximate churches. Districts also hold annual district assemblies similar to the General Assembly, in which workshops and district business is performed.

District list[edit]

  • NOTE: Until 2008, there were 20 Districts; the Northeast and New Hampshire-Vermont Districts merged to become the Northern New England District. A prior merger occurred in 2000, when the Unitarian Universalist District of Michigan (UUDOM) merged with the Ohio Valley Unitarian Universalist District (OVUUD) to become the Heartland District.

Central East Regional Group[edit]

Southern Region[edit]

MidAmerica Region[edit]

Pacific Western Region[edit]

New England Region[edit]