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Diwan Videos
Diwan Videos Logo.jpg
Company Diwan Videos
Founded 2010
Founder Ossama Youssef
Headquarters Dubai, UAE
Other Locations Cairo, Egypt
Area Served Worldwide
Industry Digital Content Management/ / Animation
Key People Ossama Youssef, CEO and Founder
Number of Employees 35
Number of Channels 300+
Subscribers 20,000,000 +
Video Claims 2,000,000 +
Video Views 17,000,000,000
Watch Time 20,500,000,000 mins

Diwan Videos is a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) and media production company based in Dubai and Cairo. On the regional level Diwan is the top viewed YouTube MCN in the Middle East and Africa(MEA)and the only regional network to rank among the top 100 MCNs globally.[1] With more than half of its employees YouTube certified, Diwan qualified as one of the earliest YouTube Certified Partners in the MEA. Diwan specializes in digital content management services, including monetization, online channel optimization and protection of copyrights.[2]


Diwan was established in 2010 in Cairo, Egypt, by Ossama Youssef, an entrepreneur, who saw an opportunity to lead in the untapped market of digital entertainment in the region. In two months, Diwan signed agreements with more than 30 customers in Egypt. Shortly after its establishment, the company became a YouTube partner.[citation needed]

The company continued to grow in the following few years with expansions in the region, serving clients in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey. Today, the company has a regional office in Dubai, UAE, serving the GCC countries and more than 300 customers from different parts of the world including India, Canada, and the UK. Some of its biggest clients include Sono Cairo, the owner of Egypt’s Radio and TV legacy productions, the TV channel solely targeting Arab children and their families Toyor Al Janah TV, the preacher and social reformer Amr Khaled, the animated TV channel in the Middle East Spacetoon, ZeeAlwan, Arabic-dubbed Indian drama TV network.,[3] and the public Saudi figure Mohamed Al-Arefe, one of the most followed Muslim preachers in the region.[4][5]


The company provides services to content creators and online advertisers. Services include video content monetization, copyrights protection, and channel optimization for increased viewership. It is the first MCN in the Middle East that developed an online dashboard that gives access to financial monitoring of owned channels.

The company also offers a consulting service for advertisers on forms of online advertising, sponsorships, branded productions with product placements and digital campaigns.

Diwan is also known for introducing high quality animation services in the market. Animations projects kicked off with MasriTV, a project by Google aimed for Egyptian Youth. From the notable animation work produced by Diwan is renowned Basmet Amal radio show hosted by Amr Khaled, converting selections of the aired episodes into digitally distributed animation production.


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