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DoNews is a Chinese website that focuses on Information Technology. Started from 2000, DoNews has thousands of Chinese journalists registered.

According to Alexa and other 3rd party sources for traffic statistics, DoNews is No. 1 IT media site in China. The Blog function of DoNews ranks as the #4 Blog site in Chinese. 365key is another web-based function that DoNews provides. It is the first of such function in China, and it is increasingly popular. DoNews has held many conferences that attract many high-profile people in IT field.

DoNews was a privately held company, though it had only three full-time staff. Liu Ren, CEO and founder. Keso (Hong Bo), chief editor, and a secretary, it demonstrated the "power of the few."

In 2005, DoNews was sold to Oak Pacific Interactive, the owner of another popular Chinese website[1].

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