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Domashniy tv logo.svg
Launched 6 March 2005; 13 years ago (2005-03-06)
Owned by CTC Media
Picture format 4:3 (576i, SDTV)
Country Russia

Domashny or Domashniy (Russian pronunciation: [dɐˈmaʂnʲɪj]) (Russian: Домашний, literally: "Home Channel", "Domestic Channel") is a TV Network which targets female viewers aged 25–60. It was launched in March 2005. Domashny was aimed to deliver programming to capture an attractive audience in demand by advertisers, but traditionally under-served by broadcasters.
CTC Media created the Domashny brand in 2005 from the ground up. Today, Domashny has a potential audience of 63 million people; in 2007, Domashny’s average audience share in its target demographic was 2.4%, compared to 1.7% in 2006.

Domashny Network in 2005 comprised four owned-and-operated stations. Today it has more than 230 affiliates, including 13 owned-and-operated stations.

Russian series[edit]

The programming of Domashny focuses on issues of interest to women including health, family, career, style and fashion, the most popular shows on Domashny include the legal show focusing on family issues Family Cases and a show centered on medical malpractice The Patients League.sitcom Одна за всех, Любовь и прочие глупости, Такая обычная Жизнь

Classic movies[edit]

Domashny broadcasts only the classic movies from the platinum collection of Hollywood and the best old Russian movies. All the movies on Domashny are aimed at family audience.

Foreign series[edit]

Domashny offers its audience the best in medical dramas: the Emmy winning series ER and House M.D. For the younger viewers, it offers the comedy sitcom ALF. Desperate Housewives, Bewitched, Latin American telenovelas shown on Domashny are extremely successful with its target audience.

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