Dome Mine

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Dome Mine
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Dome Mine is located in Ontario
Dome Mine
Dome Mine
Location in Ontario
Coordinates48°27′N 081°14′W / 48.450°N 81.233°W / 48.450; -81.233Coordinates: 48°27′N 081°14′W / 48.450°N 81.233°W / 48.450; -81.233
ProductsSilver, Gold
CompanyPlacer Dome

Dome Mine is situated in the City of Timmins, Ontario, Canada; and was developed during the Porcupine Gold Rush.[1]

It is now known as part of GoldCorp - Porcupine Gold Mines. The original Dome Mine (Tisdale Township) was discovered by Jack Wilson of the Harry Preston crew in 1909,[2] was still operating as of April 2016, its life is slowly coming to an end this year[when?] as the ore is dwindling and quickly becoming exhausted. An enormous discontinued open pit (Super Pit), huge man-made mountain of waste rock and working mill are now[when?] in place at the location. At one time a community of approximately 60 houses owned by Dome Mines and leased to miners with families existed; this was the community of Dome.

The vein Preston discovered dripped with gold and was referred to as the Golden Staircase. The property was developed using open-pit mining for the first 200 feet, then resorted to hard rock mining; the company was capitalized in 1910 and produced 247 tons of high-grade ore its first year.[2]:90,101

After the Porcupine Fire of 1911, the mine was rebuilt such that by March 1912, a 40-stamp mill was processing 400 tons a day; the mine was incorporated in 1912 and acquired Dome Extension in 1916. Ambrose Monell, Joseph Delamar, and Jules Bache served as presidents. A rich ore body was discovered at the 23-level of the Dome Extension in 1933.[2]:100,126,139

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Dome Mine open pit, 2010