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Donggongon town with Mega Long Mall (right).
Donggongon town with Mega Long Mall (right).
Donggongon is located in Borneo
Coordinates: 5°55′0″N 116°05′0″E / 5.91667°N 116.08333°E / 5.91667; 116.08333
Country Malaysia
State Sabah
 • Total78,086

Donggongon is a town in the West Coast Division of Sabah, Malaysia. The town is located within the district of Penampang, but today it can be considered as part of Greater Kota Kinabalu and is located about 15 kilometres from Kota Kinabalu. As of 2007, it has a population of 78,086.[1]

Donggongon is a town part of the district of Penampang. The Penampang District Police Headquarters, Penampang District Library, and the Penampang Sports Complex are located in the town. It also feature a popular weekly tamu (market) in the town every Thursday and Friday where the market selling variety types of households products, foods, and traditional handicrafts such as bangles, headbands or gongs. Mega Long Mall also located in the town together with a number of restaurants, pubs and karaoke bars.


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Coordinates: 5°55′N 116°05′E / 5.917°N 116.083°E / 5.917; 116.083