Dongyong Lighthouse

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Dongyong Lighthouse
Tungyung Tao
Tungyin Tao Lighthouse.jpg
Dongyong Lighthouse
Dongyong Lighthouse is located in Taiwan
Dongyong Lighthouse
Matsu Islands
Coordinates26°21′56″N 120°30′38″E / 26.365485°N 120.510512°E / 26.365485; 120.510512Coordinates: 26°21′56″N 120°30′38″E / 26.365485°N 120.510512°E / 26.365485; 120.510512
Year first constructed1902
Constructionmasonry tower
Tower shapecylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternwhite tower, black lantern dome
Tower height14.2 metres (47 ft)
Focal height978 metres (3,209 ft)
Light sourcemains power
CharacteristicFl (3) W 15s.
Admiralty numberTungyung Tao
NGA numberP3644
ARLHS numberTAI-034
Managing agentMaritime and Port Bureau [1] [2]

The Dongyong Lighthouse (Chinese: 東湧燈塔; pinyin: Dōngyǒng Dēngtǎ) is a lighthouse in Dongyin Township, Lienchiang County, Fujian Province, Republic of China.[3]


In the late 19th century, Qing Dynasty opened a port in the area, thus the Dongying Lighthouse was built by British engineers to guide ships; the construction was completed in 1902. It was designated as third grade national historic site in 1988;[4] that status was later revoked, then restored in 2016.[5]


The lighthouse faces the Taiwan Strait at the northeast of Dongyin Island.


The lighthouse is made of bricks and painted white on the outer walls; the height is 14.3 meters and it flashes light three times every 20 seconds. The building consists of the main body, the lamp and the roof. On the cliff below the lighthouse are two fog water cannons.


The lighthouse is accessible by taxi from Dongyin Island harbor.

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