Doomsday Prophecy

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Doomsday Prophecy
Doomsday Prophecy key art.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Jason Bourque
Starring Jewel Staite
Alan Dale
A.J. Buckley
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
Production company(s) CineTel Films
Reel One Entertainment
Doomsday Productions
Distributor Cinetel Films (non-Canada)
Anchor Bay Entertainment (DVD & Blu-Ray)
Original network Syfy
Original release
  • August 13, 2011 (2011-08-13)

Doomsday Prophecy is a 2011 sci-fi disaster television film by Jason Bourque starring Jewel Staite, Alan Dale and A.J. Buckley.


Agent Garcia is sent to Bulgaria where the Black Sea has disappeared, he recognizes the event from the Doomsday Prophecy book written by Rupert Crane. Crane calls the archaeologist Brooke Calvin and invites her to his home in a remote part of British Columbia, claiming New York will face destruction, he also invites a journalist, Eric Fox to come to get his new manuscript. When Eric and Brooke reach his house, Crane is found dead, leaving behind videos and a mysterious metal rod. Eric touches the rod and has a vision of future events. Soon after that, government agents appear and Eric and Brooke narrowly escape them.

By using the information from Crane, Eric finds out that the series of worldwide earthquakes is caused by the gravitational influence of a dark planet approaching our Solar system which will destroy the Earth when the Earth crosses the galactic equator. One of his visions reveals that there are seven ancient stone heads similar to those on Easter Island that, when joined with the rod, will send out an energy beam which will push back the dark planet.

With the help of Agent Garcia, Eric and Brooke locate the stone heads and try to activate them, but they are interrupted by General Slate, who plans to use the rod to rule the world after the cataclysm, he is defeated by Agent Garcia and Eric who successfully activates the system, pushing the dark planet away from the Earth.


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