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Double-sideband suppressed-carrier transmission

Double-sideband suppressed-carrier transmission is transmission in which frequencies produced by amplitude modulation are symmetrically spaced above and below the carrier frequency and the carrier level is reduced to the lowest practical level, ideally being suppressed. In the DSB-SC modulation, unlike in AM, the wave carrier is not transmitted, it is used for radio data systems. This mode is used in Amateur radio voice communications on High-Frequency bands. DSB-SC is an amplitude modulation wave without the carrier, therefore reducing power waste, giving it a 50% efficiency; this is an increase compared to normal AM transmission that has a maximum efficiency of 33.333%, since 2/3 of the power is in the carrier which conveys no useful information and both sidebands containing identical copies of the same information. Single Side Band Suppressed Carrier is 100% efficient. Spectrum plot of a DSB-SC signal: DSB-SC is generated by a mixer; this consists of a message signal multiplied by a carrier signal.

The mathematical representation of this process is shown below, where the product-to-sum trigonometric identity is used. V m cos ⁡ ⏟ Message × V c cos ⁡ ⏟ Carrier = V m V c 2 ⏟ Modulated Signal Demodulation is done by multiplying the DSB-SC signal with the carrier signal just like the modulation process; this resultant signal is passed through a low pass filter to produce a scaled version of original message signal. V m V c 2 ⏞ Modulated Signal × V c ′ cos ⁡ ⏞ Carrier = V m cos ⁡ ⏟ original message + 1 4 V c V c ′ V m {\displaystyle =\left\underbrace _+V_V'_V_\left[\cos((\omega _+2\ome

Gustav Kunze

Gustav Kunze was a German professor of zoology, an entomologist and botanist with an interest in ferns and orchids. Kunze joined the Wernerian Natural History Society in Edinburgh in 1817, he became Zoology Professor at Leipzig University and in 1837 was appointed director of the Botanical Gardens in Leipzig. In 1851 he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; the plant genus. Beiträge zur Monographie der Rohrkäfer. Neue Schrift. Naturf. Ges. Halle, 2: 1-56.. Die Farrnkrauter in Kolorirten Abbildungen: Naturgetreu Erläutert und Beschrieben. 2 volumes. Index Filicum in Hortis Europæis Cultarum Synonymis Interpositis Auctus, cura A. Baumanni. Orig. in Linnaea XXXIII. Pub. as book. Zeugophora eine neue Käfergattung. Neue Schrift. Naturf. Ges. Halle, 2:. 71-76.. with Philipp Wilbrand Jacob Müller 1822. Monographie der Ameisenkäfer. Schriften der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Leipzig 1: 175–204, his collection is in Naturkundemuseum Leipzig

Viktor Alfyorov

Viktor Vladimirovich Alfyorov is a Russian theatrical director and actor. Viktor Alfyorov was born in Buryatia. In 1999 he graduated from the East Siberian State Academy of Culture and Arts in "The artistic director of the theater group"; the graduation performance "Gypsies" in French went on the stage of the Youth Theatre in Ulan-Ude. Production took 1st place in the Theatre Festival in the Republic of Buryatia. In the same year he moved to Moscow and entered the Russian University of Theatre Arts on directing department in workshop of Mark Zakharov. In 2004 he graduated from the training with honors, produces diploma performance "Bambukopoval" at Teatr.doc. The play was presented at Sib-ALTERA 2003 festivals in Novosibirsk and "The May reading - 2003" in Yekaterinburg, as well as on tour in Saint Petersburg and Tolyatti. Bambukopoval / Bambukopoval Dva Muzha Donny Flor / The Two Donna Flor's Husbands Marmelad / The Marmalade Podobiya / Resemblance by Sasha Dugdale Zhizn' Udalas' / Beautiful Life 2002 3 Bogatyrya / Три богатыря 2005 My big Armenian wedding / Моя большая армянская свадьба 2006 Ticket to the Harem / Билет в гарем 2006 Russian Translation / Русский перевод 2007 Kremen / Кремень 2008 A cruel business / Жестокий бизнес Viktor Alfyorov on IMDb

Bili-Bili Dam

The Bili-Bili Dam is located in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, on the Jeneberang River, about 30 km from the city of Makassar. It serves several purposes to include flood control and hydroelectric power generation; the dam was constructed between 1991 and 1998. In 1981, Bili-Bili Dam was added to the Jeneberang River Comprehensive Development Project. Construction began in 1991 and the dam was completed in 1998; the weirs downstream of the dam and their accompanying irrigation canals were completed in December 2005. The dam's power station was commissioned in 2005 as well; the project was built with cooperation from the Japan International Cooperation Agency. It has several purposes to include municipal water supply for the city of Makassar, about 30 km away, to protect the city from historic flooding, it is designed prevent an estimated 50-year flood. Water from its reservoir helps irrigate about 23,786 ha of rice fields in Gowa and Takalar regencies; the power station has an installed capacity of 19.25 MW and generates about 69,000 MWh of electric power each year.

Sedimentation in the reservoir has been a concern since at least 2004. The dam is downstream from Mount Bawakaraeng, "prone to landslides." A large landslide in 2004 prompted a request for survey assistance to the Japanese government to determine the possible impact on the dam. An overflow of the dam in 2019 caused a major flooding; the Bili-Bili Dam is a 73 m tall rock-fill type. Its reservoir holds 375,000,000 m3 of water. Below the dam are three weirs, the Bili-Bili and Kampili, they connect to 228.1 km of secondary canals. The Bili-Bili weir covers about 2,444 ha of farmland while the Bissau covers 10,795 ha and Kampili 10,547 ha. Sedimentation in Bilibili Dam and opportunist rice cropping while the lake is at a low level River in Bilibili, Gowa, 1 River in Bilibili, Gowa, 2 Bilibili map and satellite images at Maplandia

Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed

Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed is a member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom. He was created a life peer on the recommendation of Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998. Many of his political activities relate to the Muslim community both in abroad. Ahmed was a member of the Labour Party. In 2013, he blamed an alleged Jewish conspiracy for a prison sentence he received following a fatal motorway crash, he was suspended from party, resigned in the year. Ahmed was born in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir on 24 April 1957 to Haji Sain Mohammed and Rashim Bibi, his parents migrated to United Kingdom and he has lived in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, since his childhood. He attended Spurley Hey Comprehensive School Thomas Rotherham Sixth Form College, he studied for a degree in Public Administration at Sheffield Polytechnic and joined the Labour Party as he could not find a job when he was 18 years old. In 1990 Ahmed began his political career as a local Labour Party councillor, becoming the chair of the South Yorkshire Labour Party in 1993 and holding both positions until 2000.

He founded the British Muslim Councillors' Forum and was a magistrate between 1992 and 2000. He was the town's youngest magistrate, he enjoyed backing from Pakistan government, is known for lobbying in the British Parliament on the Kashmir issue on Pakistan's behalf, including holding violent anti-India protests outside Indian Embassy and in London to mislead the international community. He claims to have changed the policies of Labor Party to the extent that for the first time in British history Kashmir was discussed on the floor of the conference, he is associated with the Justice Foundation which organised that conference, director of which at that time was Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai - a Pakistani Kashmir lobbist arrested by USA for spying and illegal lobbying, according to US prosecutors the Justice Foundation's Kashmir Centres in UK, USA and Saudi Arabia are run on behalf of Pakistani government and its military intelligence Inter-Services Intelligence Agency. Ahmed was created a life peer, Baron Ahmed, of Rotherham in the County of South Yorkshire on 3 August 1998.

Although there have been many claims that he was the first Muslim life peer, including by Ahmed himself, or the first male Muslim peer, he was in fact the third Muslim life peer. There have been earlier Muslim hereditary peers, the first being the 3rd Baron Stanley of Alderley in 1869, he led the first delegation on behalf of the British Government on the Muslim pilgrimage of the Hajj. At home, he speaks on wider equality issues, has spoken several times on issues of race and gender, he tried to calm tensions following the aftermath of the September 11 attacks in 2001. However, on 23 February 2005, he hosted a book launch in the House of Lords for the controversial Swedish writer Israel Shamir, during which the latter claimed, among other things: "The Jews like an Empire.... This love of Empire explains the easiness Jews change their allegiance.... Simple minds call it ‘treacherous behaviour’, but it is love of Empire per se." Shamir claimed, "Jews... own and edit a big share of mass media", a statement, to be echoed by Lord Ahmed in 2012.

Although this invitation raised some controversy, Ahmed refused to discuss the matter. In August 2006 he was a signatory to an open letter to Tony Blair, the prime minister, criticising the UK's foreign policy. On 19 June 2007 Ahmed criticised the honouring of Salman Rushdie with a knighthood because of what he saw as Rushdie's offensiveness to Islam, he was reported to have said, "It's hypocrisy by Tony Blair, who two weeks ago was talking about building bridges to mainstream Muslims, he's honouring a man who has insulted the British public and been divisive in community relations." "This man not only provoked violence around the world because of his writings, but there were many people who were killed around the world. Forgiving and forgetting is one thing, but honouring the man who has blood on his hands, sort of, because of what he did, I think is going a bit too far." He said on BBC Radio 4's PM programme that he had been appalled by the award to a man he accused of having'blood on his hands'.

In September 2007, Ahmed flew to Islamabad with Pakistan's former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, in a bid to end Sharif's exile from the country by military ruler Pervez Musharraf, who had ousted him in a coup d'état. He negotiated with police to allow Sharif to enter the airport terminal and pass through customs, but Sharif was arrested and deported. After the reform of the House of Lords, Ahmed took over from Lord Sudeley to act as Host for the Forum for Stable Currencies. In November 2007 Ahmed was involved in a diplomatic effort to secure the release of Gillian Gibbons from custody in Sudan; the teacher, Gillian Gibbons, allowed her class to name a teddy bear Muhammad. Ahmed, from Britain's ruling Labour Party, Baroness Warsi, an opposition Conservative, visited Khartoum and had a meeting with the President of Sudan. Miss Gibbons, given a fifteen-day prison sentence, was released after eight days following a Presidential pardon and allowed to return to the UK. In June 2008, the political editor of Newsnight, Michael Crick, reported that Ahmed had been rumoured to be preparing to defect to the Conservative Party, but that he had denied this.

On 13 May 2013, two days before he was scheduled to appear before the Labour National Executive Committee in relation to antisemitic remarks he made in an intervie

Bloodless Coup

Bloodless Coup is the fifth studio album by Irish band Bell X1. It was released on 1 April 2011 in Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands, on 4 April in the United Kingdom, on 5 April in North America, it has received average reviews from critics and reached number 3 of the Top Irish 100 Albums in its debut week. The album was produced by Rob Kirwan and recorded in Westmeath and while touring Europe and North America. Prior to the release of the album Bell X1 performed tracks from Bloodless Coup on a short acoustic European tour; this tour included live dates in autumn/winter 2010 in France, UK, Netherlands and Germany. In September 2010, the band revealed details about their fifth studio album. On 11 September the band offered fans their first listen to a new track called "Velcro", recorded at Oxegen Festival in Ireland; the band followed this with further live dates in North Europe. On 6 January 2011, Bell X1 revealed the artwork for the album. On 18 January the band revealed another track from the album called "Hey Anna Lena", followed by a video on 26 January of the band recording this song.

The track-listing for the album was revealed on their website on 3 February 2011. The first single from the album, "Velcro", received its first radio airplay on Today FM on 17 February 2011, it was released through iTunes on 1 March 2011. A physical release of "Velcro" was released in Ireland and the Netherlands on 4 March with a North American release on 15 March; the promo video was released on 15 March. Promotion for the album began early in summer 2010 with live performances at festivals such as Oxegen and a number of tour dates in Europe and North America; the band performed an acoustic set for Today FM in November 2010 providing fans with some new material. U. S. National Public Radio recorded a special broadcast of the band performing at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin on 3 April 2011, flying 85 Americans over for what was described by Hot Press as "unprecedented" and "an international first"; the album's lead single "Velcro" was playlisted by at least 15 different American radio stations, as well as others in Europe such as Kink FM, Motor FM and Radio Eins.

The album was streamed one week prior to its release on the official Bell X1 website, Myspace page and SoundCloud. Following touring in 2010, Bell X1 followed this with an announcement that they would headline at Live at The Marquee in Cork City; the official 2011 tour kicks off on 6 April 2011 in Dublin. The tour will see the band perform throughout the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United States; the first leg of the tour will finish in Galway, Ireland on 16 July 2011. The album has received average reviews, though some critics did praise the album and saw it as their best yet, it holds a Metacritic score of 58/100. State described the album as "rejuvenated" and Gold Plectrum describing the album as "...a real return to form from Bell X1 and leaves us with future hope of similar releases". RTÉ gave the album 3/5 and claimed that the album "could be their strongest bet yet". Andrew Leahey writing for Allmusic gave the album three stars, noting the band's shift towards electronica in a similar fashion to fellow Irish act U2 with Pop, adding that Bell X1 "sidestep" the problems they encountered, "using synthesizers and drum machines to enhance, not dominate, the songs", while noting a decline in quality in the lyricism of Noonan.

All tracks are written by Dominic Phillips and Paul Noonan. Bloodless Coup at Discogs promo video of "Velcro" on YouTube recording session for "Hey Anna Lena" on YouTube