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Double Brown is a full flavoured naturally fermented bitter beer with a distinctive malty character. It is produced by DB Breweries in New Zealand, containing 4% alcohol by volume, it is considered an affordable beer since it is priced below mainstream brands owned by the company such as Tui, Export Gold and DB Draught. Double Brown is produced in DB's main brewery in Auckland, it is not marketed as heavily as the main brands, due to costs.

Double Brown is featured in the Lee Tamahori film Once Were Warriors, where bottles can be seen throughout the film.

In 2004 Double Brown won the prestigious BrewNZ New Zealand Draft Beer of the Year Award [1]

In 2009 DB Breweries controversially reduced the iconic "20 box" to 18 cans whilst holding the price constant.

New Zealand band Missing Teeth recorded a song named "Double Brown" as an homage to the brew. [2]

It can also be seen in the 2012 film Two Little Boys.