Douce Dame Jolie

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"Douce Dame Jolie", sometimes referred to only as 'Douce Dame', is a song from the 14th century, by the French composer Guillaume de Machaut. The song is a virelai, belonging to the style ars nova, and is one of the most often heard medieval tunes today. Many modern recordings omit the lyrics, however.

One of the most famous musical pieces of the Middle Ages, 'Douce Dame' has been performed by a plethora of artists, mostly but not always in medieval style. Among others are Annwn (with lyrics), Ayragon (with lyrics), Theo Bleckmann (with lyrics), Els Berros de la Cort, Corvus Corax, Schelmish (with lyrics), Dr Cosgill, Fable of the Bees, Filia Irata, Två fisk och en fläsk (with lyrics), Wisby Vaganter, A La Via! (with lyrics), Lisa Lynne, John Renbourn Group (with English lyrics), WirrWahr, Wolfenmond, Saltatio Mortis, Angels of Venice (soprano Christina Linhardt, harpist Carol Tatum) and Legião Urbana (no lyrics, named "A Ordem dos Templários" (The Templar Order))


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