Dowery Dell

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Dowery Dell Viaduct
Dowery Dell Viaduct showing one pier
Dowery Dell Viaduct with steam train passing towards Longbridge

Dowery Dell, near Hunnington in Worcestershire, was notable for a cast-iron[dubious ] railway viaduct that carried the Halesowen to Longbridge railway until it was dismantled in 1964.

Similar structures[edit]

The viaduct was remarkable in being a rare example of a lattice girder supported on trestles, a combination of which there may have been only one other example (fortunately still extant) in Britain, at Bennerley Viaduct, though in that instance the trestles are not as high. On other well-known trestle-supported viaducts, such as Meldon, Belah, and Crumlin, the superstructure is not a lattice, being typically a Warren truss; and other lattice girders are low structures supported typically on iron caissons, such as Kew Railway Bridge.


A walk along the footpath that follows the railway route reveals the brick pillar bases that remain in the dell.


Coordinates: 52°25′24″N 2°02′22″W / 52.423374°N 2.039359°W / 52.423374; -2.039359