Dragor (river)

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Dragor river (Bitola).jpg
The river in the centre of Bitola
Country Republic of Macedonia
Physical characteristics
River mouth Crna
41°02′50″N 21°26′11″E / 41.0471°N 21.4365°E / 41.0471; 21.4365Coordinates: 41°02′50″N 21°26′11″E / 41.0471°N 21.4365°E / 41.0471; 21.4365
Basin features
Progression CrnaVardarAegean Sea
Bridge on the River Dragor near the area Dovledzik in Bitola, 1916

The river Dragor (Macedonian: Драгор) is a small river situated in the south of the Republic of Macedonia. It flows mainly through the city of Bitola. Its spring is located near Sapunčica, on the Baba Mountain. The Dragor is a right tributary of the Crna river.

In January 2012, for the first time, the Dragor river froze.[1]