Drawings, water-colours and prints by Vincent van Gogh

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Drawings and water-colours and prints by Vincent van Gogh is an incomplete list of works on paper and other works by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) that form an important part of his complete body of work.


Etten, Drenthe, The Hague, Neunen[edit]

Heath with Wheelbarrow, watercolor, Autumn 1883, The Cleveland Museum of Art (F1100). Unable to find people to pose for him in Drenthe, Van Gogh paints this watercolor of the heath and represents the work of a peasant by the presence of the wheelbarrow.[1]

Drawings and watercolors[edit]

Study of Hands, 1885, Van Gogh Museum



Drawings, watercolours[edit]


The Yellow House, c. 1888, watercolour

Drawings, watercolours[edit]


Drawings and watercolours[edit]


Drawings and watercolours[edit]


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Due to the considerable number of works on paper by Van Gogh, for a valid identification reference is to the numbers of Jacob Baart de la Faille's Catalogue raisonné (1928 & 1970) (F) or to Jan Hulsker's updated compilation (1978, revised 1989) (JH).


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