Dropship: United Peace Force

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Dropship: United Peace Force
Developer(s)SCE London Studio
Additional work by: Team Soho
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
  • EU: 18 January 2002
  • NA: 29 May 2002
Genre(s)Combat flight simulator

Dropship: United Peace Force is a combat flight simulator video game released exclusively for the PlayStation 2. The player assumes the role of a pilot in the United Peace Force, a fictional multinational military organisation charged with combating terrorism and organized crime across the world; the game itself is set in 2050.


The game features a number of futuristic aircraft, including agile fighters, and slower transport aircraft; the game also features levels in which the player drives military vehicles such as armored personnel carriers.

Unlike many science fiction flight simulator games, Dropship is set in the near future, and the vehicles and weapons, although futuristic, are grounded in reality, and bear many recognizable traits of modern military aircraft; the game has missions where the player must fly low not to be spotted, protect vulnerable craft and deliver/pick up valuable cargo. Another feature of the game is the VTOL ability of most of the game's aircraft, allowing the player to switch to a hover mode and land the aircraft manually.


Dropship: United Peace Force received positive reviews from critics, it has an aggregate score of 75.95% on GameRankings[1] and 78/100 on Metacritic.[2]


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