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Duck is a name applied to several bird species of the family Anatidae.

Duck, The Duck or ducks may also refer to:



Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]




Other arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Brands and enterprises[edit]

  • Duck Brand, a duct tape brand now used on a variety of products
  • Duck Records, a record label
  • Duck Studios, a production studio based in Los Angeles, California
  • On2 Technologies, formerly The Duck Corporation, which designed video codec technology

Sports and games[edit]


  • American Canyon Transit, also known as "The Duck"
  • Citroën 2CV, a car model nicknamed "The Duck"
  • Ducati, a motorcycle company, sometimes shortened to "Duc" or "Duck"
  • DUKW, commonly pronounced "duck", an amphibious six-wheel drive vehicle used by the US military during World War II
  • Goodyear Duck, a 1940s amphibian aircraft
  • Grumman JF Duck, a 1930s biplane amphibious aircraft built for the US Navy
  • Grumman J2F Duck, amphibious aircraft derived from the JF Duck

Other uses[edit]

  • Duck, a lead weight used by draftsmen to hold splines in place
  • Duck, a hypocorism or affectionate phrase, often used in parts of the Midlands and South Yorkshire in England, originally derived from the title Duke
  • Duck, a very short cave sump
  • Duck, in architecture, any building in the shape of something associated with it; named for the Big Duck
  • Cotton duck, a fine strong cloth made from untwilled linen, later cotton
  • Duck as food, the meat of the bird
  • Duck Samford Stadium, a football stadium in Auburn, Alabama, nicknamed "The Duck"
  • Ducking (slang), a technique for manipulating prison staff
  • Ducking, an audio effect commonly used in radio and music
  • Ducks (hiking) or cairn, a pile of three or more stones used to mark an off-trail hiking route

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