Dul Madoba

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Dul Madoba (Somali: Dul Madooba) is a hill ridge 40 kilometres (25 mi) southeast of Burao in Somaliland. It was also the location of a famous battle in which the dervish won a victory against the British.


British camel troopers in 1913, between Berbera and Odweyne in British Somaliland.

The battle took place on 4 August 1913, between 110 men of the Camel Constabulary of British Somaliland and 300 Dhulbahante tribesmen, commanded by Colonel Richard Corfield, and some 2,750 well-armed Dervish followers of Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, nicknamed by the British as the Mad Mullah. Thirty-six of the Constabulary including Corfield were killed in action and 21 were wounded. Many of the Dervish were also killed or wounded.[1]


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