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East County
Santee, one of the five cities in East County
Santee, one of the five cities in East County
East County cities (red) and unincorporated areas (pink)
East County cities (red) and unincorporated areas (pink)
CountySan Diego County

East County is a region of San Diego County, California east of San Diego.


East County does not have an official geographic definition, although East County boundaries are unofficially drawn by the County of San Diego for its Supervisorial District 2[1], it commonly includes the five cities east of San DiegoEl Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Poway and Lemon Grove—as well as suburban and exurban unincorporated communities such as Lakeside, Spring Valley, Jamul, and Alpine. Many sources also include vast swaths of the backcountry of San Diego County also known as the Mountain Empire, including communities along Interstate 8 such as Pine Valley and Descanso, and communities along the rural section of California State Route 94 such as Potrero, Boulevard, and Jacumba.[2] Other sources consider communities within the entire eastern two-thirds of the county to be East County, thereby encompassing places like Ramona, Julian, and Borrego Springs,[3][4] The Ramona urban area—Ramona, San Diego Country Estates and Barona Mesa—is often considered part of inland North County due to its association with Rancho Bernardo, Escondido and other North County Inland communities.[5]

The populace of East County primarily dwells in the interior valleys east of San Diego proper while some development encroaches on the coastal foothills.

A broader definition of East County exists that includes the Cuyamaca Mountains, Laguna Mountains, and Palomar Mountain, as well as the desert area of Anza-Borrego State Park.[6] Yet, this definition, when used by SANDAG, excludes the East Suburban centers.[7] Poway Mayor Steve Vaus has publicly proclaimed that Poway is aligned with East County.[8]

Prominent geologic formations include El Capitan, a large dome-shaped mountain overlooking Santee and Lakeside, as well as Iron Mountain and Mount Woodson that overlook Poway.


East County is the fourth most populous region in the San Diego metropolitan area, though its population is close to that of South Bay.

Populated places[edit]

Populations listed are 2010 Census populations

Incorporated cities[edit]

Unincorporated CDPs[edit]


Primary and secondary schools[edit]

East County is served by Santee School District, Grossmont Union High School District, Cajon Valley Union School District, Lakeside Union School District, Lemon Grove School District, Poway Unified School District, and La Mesa-Spring Valley School District.


Grossmont College and Cuyamaca Community College are two community colleges located in El Cajon. San Diego Christian College is located in Santee. Berean Bible College is located in Poway.


Important landmarks in East County included El Capitan, Mt. Helix, Santee Lakes, Sweetwater Reservoir, Poway's Tony Gwynn Statue, Lake Poway, and Lake Cuyamaca.

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