East Tintic Mountains

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East Tintic Mountains
Provo skyline winter.jpg
NE flank of range & Utah Lake from Provo
"County Line Ridge" and peaks
(overlooking Utah Valley, & Goshen Valley, West Mountain (Utah County, Utah) at photo left)
Highest point
Peak Boulter Peak
Elevation 8,308 ft (2,532 m)
Coordinates 40°00′13″N 112°11′50″W / 40.0036°N 112.1972°W / 40.0036; -112.1972Coordinates: 40°00′13″N 112°11′50″W / 40.0036°N 112.1972°W / 40.0036; -112.1972
East Tintic Mountains is located in Utah
East Tintic Mountains
East Tintic Mountains
East Tintic Range in Utah
Country United States
State Utah
((southwest)-Utah Valley)
(southwest)-Goshen Valley
(southeast)-Rush Valley
(southwest)-Cedar Valley
Counties Utah, Juab and Tooele
Settlement Eureka, Utah
Topo map USGS Boulter Peak, Allens Ranch,
Tintic Junction, Eureka, Tintic Mountain
and Furner Ridge 7.5 minute maps
Mountain type Mountain Range

The East Tintic Mountains are a mountain range in central Utah on the east margin of the Great Basin just west of the Wasatch Front about 50 miles (80 km) south-southeast of Salt Lake City.[1] The community of Eureka is an old mining town near the center of the range. U.S. Route 6 Passes through the central part of the range and through Eureka.

The Tintic Mining District is located in the central part of the range. The district was an important producer of silver, gold and base metals during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.[2]

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