Eastern Canada

Eastern Canada is considered to be the region of Canada east of Manitoba, consisting of the following provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador New Brunswick Nova Scotia Ontario Prince Edward Island QuebecOntario and Quebec define Central Canada, while the other provinces constitute Atlantic Canada. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island are known as the Maritime Provinces. Ottawa, Canada's capital, is located within the province of Ontario; the capitals of the provinces are in the list below: New Brunswick - Fredericton Newfoundland and Labrador - St. John's Nova Scotia - Halifax Ontario - Toronto Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown Quebec - Quebec City The Canadian Press defines Eastern Canada as everything east of and including Thunder Bay, Ontario; the total population of this region is about 23,946,177 in 2016, or about 70% of Canada's population. Most of the population resides in Quebec; the region contains 3 of Canada's 5 largest metropolitan areas, Toronto being the fourth largest municipality in North America.

Largest metropolitan areas Toronto, Ontario - 6,254,191 Montreal, Quebec - 4,098,927 Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario-Quebec - 1,568,381 Quebec City, Quebec - 807,200 Hamilton, Ontario - 536 917 London, Ontario - 474 786 St. Catharines-Niagara, Ontario - 447,888 Kitchener, Ontario - 441 380 Halifax, Nova Scotia - 403,131 Windsor, Ontario - 329,144 Sherbrooke, Quebec - 212,105 St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador - 205,955The population of each province in 2016, from greatest to least is here: Ontario - 13,448,494 Quebec - 8,164,361 Nova Scotia - 923,598 New Brunswick - 747,101 Newfoundland and Labrador - 519,716 Prince Edward Island - 142,907 Eastern Canada is represented by 213 Members of Parliament and 78 senators. Eastern United States List of regions of Canada Media related to Eastern Canada at Wikimedia Commons The dictionary definition of Eastern Canada at Wiktionary

Mladen Grdović

Mladen Grdović is a Croatian pop singer. From the city of Zadar, he began to start singing in his hometown of Zadar, he is a well-known author of many articles in Croatia. Only in Croatia, in the opus of his career he participated in the 40-odd of them. In addition to his solo performances, he has collaborated with other famous singers such as Bepo Matesic, he has released several albums. He has held a number of abroad, his songs are popular in Croatia, attracts the greatest attention of the song'Dalmatinac'. He was married with several women, he has daughter Sara. He lives in the city of Zadar. Grdović was the author of several songs for Marina Tomašević, at her 1992 album Šarmer i skitnica and the 1994 Nedjelja popodne. Standalone albums: 1996 - Nije U Soldima Sve 2000 - Kada se ljubav u vino pretvori 2002 - I za dušu i za tilo 2006 - E, da mi je vratit vrime 2010 - Najljepse Ljubavne Pjesme 2012 - Za tebe živim ja 2014 - Samo More To Zna 2016 - Nek' Se Cuje Pisma S Jadrana

Loggia Palace

The Loggia Palace is a Venetian Gothic palace in Koper, a port town in southwestern Slovenia. It is the only preserved Gothic town hall in Slovenia; the earliest part of the existing building dates from 1462, when building work began on a replacement for an earlier Loggia that had stood in the same position on the north side of the main square of Koper, opposite the Praetorian Palace. Following a plague outbreak in Koper in 1553-1555, the facade of the Loggia was embellished with coats-of-arms, a terracotta statue of the Madonna and Child was erected in a niche above the left corner column. Further work was carried out in 1698, when a second storey was added and the facade was extended with two additional arches taken from the west side of the palace; the Loggia houses a cafe on the ground floor. In the second floor, it houses an art gallery operated by the Piran Coastal Galleries