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Easton's Bible Dictionary

The Illustrated Bible Dictionary, better known as Easton's Bible Dictionary, is a reference work on topics related to the Christian Bible compiled by Matthew George Easton. The first edition was published in 1893, a revised edition was published the following year; the most popular edition, was the third, published by Thomas Nelson in 1897, three years after Easton's death. The last contains nearly 4,000 entries relating to the Bible. Many of the entries in Easton's are encyclopedic in nature, although there are short dictionary-type entries; because of its age, it is now a public domain resource. Bauer lexicon Smith's Bible Dictionary, another popular 19th-century Bible dictionary Easton, Matthew George, ed. Illustrated Bible Dictionary... New York: Harper & Bros. Easton, M. G. ed. Illustrated Bible Dictionary... London: T. Nelson & Sons Easton, M. G. ed. Illustrated Bible Dictionary... London: T. Nelson & Sons Easton, Matthew George. "Table of contents". Easton's Bible Dictionary. T. Nelson and Sons.

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Prangin Mall

Prangin Mall is a shopping mall in George Town, Malaysia. It is located at Prangin Road, next to Komtar Tower, is linked to both Komtar and neighbouring 1st Avenue Mall via overhead skybridges, it was opened to the public in 2001 as Phase 3 of the Komtar project. The shopping mall faces competition from the newer 1st Avenue Mall, today, Prangin Mall caters to lower- and middle-income earners. So, its main anchor tenant, has retained its outlet within the mall; the mall has a total including a sub-basement level. Prangin Mall's main anchor tenant is Parkson, which has continued to operate its outlet within the mall. In addition, Prangin Mall has emerged as a major electronic retail centre in George Town, with several outlets offering various electronic gadgets at lower prices; the mall has managed to retain its lower- to middle-income customers due to the large number of cheaply-priced local retail shops. There are a number of major fashion brands, such as Body Glove, Giordano and Takashimaya; the eateries within the mall include Starbucks, Pizza Hut and McDonald's.

A cinema and a handful of other entertainment options are sited within the top floor of Prangin Mall. These include arcades and a new bowling alley. Prangin Mall is situated in the centre of George Town, along Prangin Road between Komtar and 1st Avenue Mall. In fact, Prangin Mall was named after Prangin Road, which, in turn, was the name of the canal that once existed here. Prangin Mall's location at the heart of George Town, right next to the Rapid Penang bus terminal in Komtar, makes it accessible to locals and tourists alike. One can take the free-of-charge Rapid Penang CAT bus from anywhere within George Town's UNESCO World Heritage Site to get to Prangin Mall; as most Rapid Penang bus routes on Penang Island pass through the Komtar bus terminal, Prangin Mall can be reached via any Rapid Penang bus heading to Komtar. List of shopping malls in Malaysia Prangin Mall

Giant Panda (group)

Giant Panda are an underground hip hop group from Los Angeles, California. Giant Panda is composed of childhood friends Newman and Maanumental and Chikaramanga, with their foundation based out of Los Angeles, CA; the trio's name is an analogy to their ethnic and cultural make-up. The first single released was "88 Remix" independently in December 2002, with airplay across the globe; the follow-up to, the acclaimed 12-inch single "With It" in September 2004 on Tres Records. "With It" received raves from print critics such as Chairman Mao from XXL. 2005 saw the release of Giant Panda's first full length, "Fly School Reunion". "Fly School Reunion" received great reviews in URB, XXL, XLR8R, HHC, NME, a plethora of other international magazines. It was a hit with college radio. Giant Panda made URB's list of Next 100 in 2005; this buzz allowed the group to tour the West Coast with fellow Angelino hip-hoppers People Under The Stairs and Time Machine. In 2006 GP hit the road with Ugly Duckling for a European tour, once again that year reached the EU shores with People Under The Stairs.

20 May 2008 saw the release of Giant Panda's sophomore effort, "Electric Laser". Overall "Electric Laser" was a forward step for Giant Panda, but not so forward to lose fans who appreciated their sound on previous works; the group cites De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, EPMD and A Tribe Called Quest as key influences Fresh Donuts Fly School Reunion Electric Laser Just Cause'88 Remix With It Super Fly T. K. O. Speakers Pop Bloquera Myspace Page - Currently their "official" site. Tres Records Artist Page Tres Records Official Site PUTS Online - The "official" unofficial fan site of People Under The Stairs. Has up to date information on Giant Panda


Twiztid is an American hip hop duo from Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 1997, Twiztid is composed of Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric, who perform under the respective personas of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide. Spaniolo and Methric are former members of the group House of Krazees, which disbanded in 1997 a year after the duo's departure, they released their debut album in 1997. They were signed to Psychopathic Records from 1997, where they remained until they announced their departure on December 12, 2012, they remained unsigned from 2012 until 2014 when it was announced that they were forming their own label, Majik Ninja Entertainment with the first release establishing the label on October 21, 2014. Twiztid performs a style of horrorcore rap and have released 12 studio albums, 12 EP's, 10 compilation albums and 1 mixtape. Prior to Twiztid, Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric were members of the hip hop trio House of Krazees, under the names Mr. Bones and Hektic, along with the third member, the R. O. C; the group released five albums before disbanding in 1997.

After the split and Spaniolo sent a demo tape to Insane Clown Posse member Joseph Bruce featuring their friend Blaze Ya Dead Homie, under the name ISI. The demo contained the tracks "2nd Hand Smoke," "Diemuthafuckadie," and "How Does It Feel?" Bruce was impressed, invited Methric and Spaniolo to perform on The House of Horrors Tour, signed them to Psychopathic Records. Before the tour kicked off, Bruce and Spaniolo decided on a name that they felt would better fit the duo—"Twiztid". Twiztid's 1998 debut album, was released independently by Psychopathic; when Insane Clown Posse signed with Island Records, they helped get a deal for Twiztid as well. In 1999, Mostasteless was pulled, re-released on Island with somewhat different track listing; that track listing included brand new songs, but left out tracks such as "Murder Murder Murder" and "She Ain't Afraid" because of uncleared samples. In his review of the reissued album, Allmusic's Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote that " the thought of a group of Insane Clown Posse protégés isn't inspiring", the album "may take you by surprise...

Mostasteless works better than most ICP records," that "Twiztid is more convincing than Dark Carnival colleagues," and concluded that "if you don't buy into the whole comic book-horror schtick, Mostasteless...will be irritating, but if you've bought into it, you'll enjoy this record as much, if not more, than most ICP albums." Mostasteless peaked at #8 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart, #149 on the Billboard 200. On October 31, 2000, Twiztid released their second studio album and second overall album, Freek Show. In his review of the album, Allmusic's Brad Mills wrote that "this kind of music appeals to a small sector of hip-hop listeners and will do well within niche market, but the average hip-hop listener will just have to understand that this is a different kind of album." The album peaked at #51 on the Billboard 200. Twiztid released their first compilation album and third overall album, Cryptic Collectionon November 13, 2000. Twiztid released their 2nd compilation album and fourth overall album Cryptic Collection Vol. 2 on October 22, 2001.

On April 8, 2002, Twiztid released 5th overall album, Mirror Mirror. Allmusic reviewer Bradley Torreano praised the EP, writing that "Despite the fact that few outside of the juggalo family will give this a chance, this might be one of the most accurate portrayals of the mood of most unhappy young people in 2002". Mirror Mirror peaked at number 5 on the Top Independent Albums chart, number 103 on the Billboard 200. On May 19, 2003, Twiztid and their second EP and sixth overall album titled 4 Tha Fam. On July 1, 2003, Twiztid released their third studio album and seventh overall album, The Green Book. Spaniolo has referred to the album as a "Juggalo favorite". Allmusic reviewer Rob Theakston panned the album, writing that it "is much, much better than the last ICP card record, but looking at the forest from the trees, that isn't saying much anymore." The Green Book peaked at number 2 on the Top Independent Charts and number 52 on the Billboard 200. Twiztid released their third EP and eighth overall album titled Fright Fest'03 at their Fright Fest 2003 show.

Twiztid released their third compilation album at ninth overall album, Cryptic Collection Vol. 3, on May 18, 2004, the album charted at #85 on the Billboard 200. Monoxide Child released his debut solo album Chainsmoker LP on November 16, 2004, the album charted at #191 on the Billboard 200. Twiztid released their 4th studio album and 10th overall album, Man's Myth on June 28, 2005; this was the first half of a double album which concluded with the release of their 5th studio album and 11th overall album Mutant on July 26, 2005. Man's Myth focuses on the angst of growing up in a lying world, while Mutant deals with the outcome of this upbringing. Allmusic reviewer David Jeffries praised Man's Myth, writing that "it reaches farther outside the suburban trash world of Psychopathic Records than anything the label has released previously. Twiztid keep growing lyrically too and the album is edited with little filler." Man's Myth peaked at #4 on the Top Independent Albums chart, #62 on the Top Internet Albums chart and the Billboard 200.

Mutant peaked at #11 on the Top Independent Albums chart, #80 on the Billboard 200, #215 on the Top Internet Albums chart. Twiztid released their 4th EP and their 12th overall album Fright Fest'05 at the Fright Fest 2005 show. On May 16, 2006 Jamie Madrox released his debut solo album Phatso, charted at #106 on the Billboard 200. Phatso: 2.0 was released a week later. Twiztid released their 4th compil

How Strange, Innocence

How Strange, Innocence is the first album recorded by post-rock band Explosions in the Sky, released on January 17, 2000. It is their only album for the Sad Loud America label. Only 300 copies were issued in the form of CD-Rs. Due to many requests from fans, the album was remastered from the original tapes, given new artwork, reissued on CD by Temporary Residence Limited on October 11, 2005; the album was released in a limited edition, 300 copy, double LP 180 gram vinyl on Ruined Potential records. The record was released in 5 different colors; the black and gray versions came with a special insert. The band sold the vinyl version on their 2004 tour. On July 4th, 2019, a vinyl re-issue and streaming platform release was announced for August 16th. Explosions in the Sky albums How Strange, Innocence at Temporary Residence Limited

Bruce Arden

Bruce Wesley Arden is an American computer scientist. Arden enlisted in the U. S. Navy during World War II as a Radar Technician Third Class in California and Kodiak, Alaska, he graduated from Purdue University with a BS in 1949 and started his computing career in 1950 with the wiring and programming of IBM's hybrid Card Programmed Computer/Calculator at the Allison Division of General Motors. Next he spent a short period as a programmer for computations being done at the University of Michigan's Willow Run Laboratory using the Standards Eastern Automatic Computer, he became a Research Associate at the University of Michigan's Statistical Research Laboratory and an Associate Director of the University's Computing Center after its establishment in 1959. While at Michigan he co-authored two compilers, GAT for the IBM 650 and MAD for the IBM 704/709/7090, was involved in the design of the architecture and negotiations with IBM over the virtual memory features that would be included in what became the IBM System/360 Model 67 computer, in the initial design of the Michigan Terminal System time-sharing operating system.

U-M Vice President for Research Geoffrey Norman, writing in 1976, gave special credit to a triumvirate of Michigan computer specialists who contributed to the future of computing at Michigan and in the nation as a whole. "Bartels and Westervelt," Norman has said, "were a team that we took great care should not be broken up or induced to leave the University. Westervelt, the hardware expert, brilliant in software and logic, Bartels orchestrating their progress-these three put together a superb timesharing computer system; the University and their faculty colleagues owe them much."Arden's increasing interest in academic computer science and engineering motivated him to complete a doctoral program in Electrical Engineering in 1965. He was subsequently a professor in, Chairman of, the Computer and Communication Sciences department at Michigan. In 1973 he accepted a professorship at Princeton University and chaired the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In 1986 Princeton's Alexander Doty Professor of Engineering, he went to the University of Rochester as its Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

In the three years preceding the addition of "Emeritus" to his academic title in 1995, he served as Rochester's Vice Provost for Telecommunications and Computing. During his academic career, Arden wrote two books on numerical computation and edited another on computer science and engineering research, he wrote many papers in the areas of operating systems, computer logic and networks. In addition, he supervised many students, both undergraduate and graduate, in their studies of the various aspects of computing, he served as a consultant to government agencies and several major computer companies at various times during those years, he lives in Michigan and Maine. "Bruce Arden Named William F. May Professor of Engineering", Tom Rickey, University of Rochester, November 23, 1992. Video, Bruce W. Arden Collection, Veterans History Project, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress