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Ed Bruce discography
Studio albums 22
Compilation albums 3
Singles 51
No.1 Single 1

This is a comprehensive listing of official releases by Ed Bruce, an American country music songwriter and singer. As of June 2007, Bruce released twenty-two country studio albums, two Christian studio albums, two rock singles, and 51 Country music singles.

His best known song is "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys".


Year Title[1] US Country[2]
1968 If I Could Just Go Home 44
1969 Shades
1976 Ed Bruce
1977 Tennessean
1978 Cowboys and Dreamers
1980 Ed Bruce 22
1981 One to One 29
1982 Last Train to Clarksville (U.K.)
I Write It Down 63
1983 You're Not Leavin' Here Tonight 35
1984 Tell 'em I've Gone Crazy
1985 Greatest Hits
Homecoming 41
1986 Night Things 53
Rock Boppin' Baby
1995 Puzzles
The Best
1997 Set Me Free
2002 This Old Hat
2003 12 Classics
2004 Changed
2007 Sing About Jesus
2010 In Jesus' Eyes: Songs of Inspiration


1950s and 1960s[edit]

Year Single Peak positions[3] Album
US Country
1957 "Rockin' Boppin' Baby" N/A
1958 "Sweet Woman"
1961 "Flight 303"
1963 "It's Coming to Me"
"See the Big Man Cry"[A]
1964 "Don't Let It Happen"
"I'm Gonna Have a Party"
"He Gave Her to Me"
1966 "Unbreakable Heart"
"Walker's Woods" 57 If I Could Just Go Home
1967 "Last Train to Clarksville" 69 N/A
"If I Could Just Go Home" If I Could Just Go Home
"Her Sweet Love and the Baby"
1968 "I'll Take You Away" N/A
"Painted Girls and Wine" 52
"Puzzles" Shades
1969 "Everybody Wants to Get to Heaven" 52
"Hey Porter" N/A
"—" denotes releases that did not chart


Year Single Peak chart
US Country CAN Country
1973 "Good Jelly Jones" N/A
"July You're a Woman" 77
1974 "Devil Ain't a Lonely Woman's Friend"
1975 "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" 15 36 Ed Bruce (United Artists)
1976 "Littlest Cowboy Rides Again" 32
"For Love's Own Sake" 36
"Sleep All Morning" 57
"Wide Open Spaces and Cowboys Are Gone" N/A
1977 "Texas (When I Die)" 52 Tennessean
"Star-Studded Nights" 54
1978 "Love Somebody to Death" 57
"Man Made of Glass" 94
"The Man That Turned My Mama On" 70 Cowboys and Dreamers
"Angeline" 60
"—" denotes releases that did not chart


Year Single Peak chart
US Country CAN Country
1980 "Diane" 21 65 Ed Bruce (MCA)
"The Last Cowboy Song" [feat. Willie Nelson] 12 39
"Girls, Women and Ladies" 14
1981 "Evil Angel" 24 One to One
"(When You Fall in Love) Everything's a Waltz" 14 12
"You're the Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had" 1 10
1982 "Love's Found You and Me" 13 14
"Ever, Never Lovin' You" 4 4 I Write It Down
"My First Taste of Texas" 6 33
1983 "You're Not Leaving Here Tonight" 21 You're Not Leaving Here Tonight
"If It Was Easy" 19
"After All" 4 4
1984 "Tell 'em I've Gone Crazy" 45 44 Tell 'em I've Gone Crazy
"You Turn Me On (Like a Radio)" 3 3 Homecoming
1985 "If It Ain't Love" 20 19
"When Givin' Up Was Easy" 17 46
1986 "Nights" 4 11 Night Things
"Fools for Each Other" (with Lynn Anderson) 49
"Quietly Crazy" 36 59
"—" denotes releases that did not chart



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