Edinburgh Corporation election, 1896

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Election for Edinburgh Corporation were held on Tuesday 3 November 1896, alongside municipal elections across Scotland, and the wider British local elections. The election was relatively quiet, with no particularly important issues being raised, and contests took place in only 2 of the cities 13 wards, with candidates in the remaining 11 being returned unopposed. [1]

The election followed the annexation of Portobello to Edinburgh, and the three new Portobello wards had to elect their initial representation. Contests took place in two of the three Portobello wards, with Portobello West and Portobello east seeing contests. Portobello would in total contribute 5 Unionist and 4 Liberal councillors. The gave the new council a slight Unionist majority.[1]

Ward Results[edit]

Portobello West[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Councillor Nichol (incumbent) 383
Councillor Balfour (incumbent) 371
Unionist Mr W. Gray 320
Mr John Shepherd 170
Councillor Nichol hold Swing
Councillor Balfour hold Swing
Gray gain from Retiring councillor
Portobello East[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Bailie Grieve (incumbent) 302
Bailie Kellock (incumbent) 230
Unionist Mr James Watson 147
Councillor Clark (incumbent) 137
Bailie Grieve hold Swing
Bailie Kellock hold Swing
Watson gain from Councillor Clark


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